Kotaku - The Witcher 2 on Xbox 360 is, Thankfully, Still Very Much The Witcher 2

Kotaku - This week, I had a chance to sit down and play through a few hours of the upcoming Xbox 360 version of the 2011 PC-exclusive game The Witcher 2: Assassins of Kings. The Xbox 360 version will launch on April 17th.

I'm happy to report that the port meets expectations in every way—close your eyes and picture "The Witcher 2 on Xbox 360." Are you imagining that? Good, because that's what you're getting. As far as I'm concerned, that is a good thing.

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bobrea2461d ago (Edited 2461d ago )

This game is so awesome. I don't see why they aren't releasing it on PS3 as well. Everyone should get to play this awesome game.

@coolbeans, I understand, but at this point I feel as though they would have announced a PS3 version if they were going to do it.

@OcularVision, I'm not so sure about that. PS3 has a pretty RPG-friendly audience. It's certainly big enough where it's worth releasing the game on the console.

In any case, I stand by my original point in saying that it's a bit of a shame that the PS3 audience (as of now,) will miss out on this title.

coolbeans2461d ago (Edited 2461d ago )

Ps3 Withcer 2 has never been off the table, but you have to look at the time this has taken. PC and 360 have similar architecture, yet it has taken these guys nearly a year to polish this port up to peak performance. It just displays how much time SHOULD be taken in addressing the strengths/weaknesses of each console.

OcularVision2461d ago

It's easier to port PC to Xbox 360. Also, the built-in audience for this type of game is larger on the 360.

Bathyj2461d ago

I agreed with your first sentence.

Then laughed at your second.

Aloren2461d ago

I'm curious, why did you laugh at the second ? can you think of any WRPG that sold better on PS3 than on 360 ? any bethesda RPG ? any bioware RPG ?

JRPG usually and understandably sell better on PS3, but not WRPG.

Gamer19822461d ago

Who cares after all this time it took to come it it will sell bad. Havn't we learned from the past that when you release a late console version of a game or a port to another console it sells a lot worse? Like when they ported earlier 360 launch titles to ps3? The reason being most people who wanted this game will have bought it already for the system its available on and it doesn't need amazing specs to play on pc.

baodeus2461d ago


well so much for laughing.

EVILDEAD3602461d ago

'Like when they ported earlier 360 launch titles to ps3? The reason being most people who wanted this game will have bought it already for the system its available on and it doesn't need amazing specs to play on pc.'

Xbox 360 ports to PS3 selling worse are an entirely different situation altogether. It's silly to pretend that console gamers who arent PC gamers would habve bought the game if it wasnt on consoles.

I only game on consoles, but I'm not deaf. all you kept hearing anbout from the PC community was how great this game was.

CD Projekt is doing it right, instead of simply making a port the improved the game in every way and added crazy content.

All they need to do is keeping spreading the word that the game is out there. The press conference was a good start, but the need to advertise why this game is so special.

I'm all over console releases but remeber when Metro just seemed like it just showed up in stores. I didn't know a thing about the game until I saw the review trickle in later.

That was why that game was overlooked as much as it was. I still have yet to play it. But, Witcher 2? Different story..they got my money day one for this baby.


OcularVision2460d ago

1 series sells well on the PS3, just the FF series. And it only sold well on the previous Playstation consoles. This console generation, it doesn't sell as well and is received poorly by fans such as myself (fuck FFXIII). On the 360, there are plenty of RPG games that sell really well.

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despair2461d ago

They said when it was first announced that the team was only able to port it to one system at a time due to their size as well as wanting to put forward the best they could. It just so happens that the X360 hardware was the closest to PC so it became the logical choice.

Usually when devs make these kind of excuses for leaving out a system I call bullshit, but these guys are some of the best and very loyal to their fans so I believe them. They also never ruled out a PS3 version after the X360 one was done.

coolbeans2461d ago (Edited 2461d ago )

It's amazing to see such a smaller game developer-compared to the rest of the field-essentially teaching many others how to make RPGs and quality ports. CD Project Red has to be in the top 5 for this-gen success stories.

Stealth2k2461d ago

not really............

I dont think they are teaching anyone to do anything

As an rpg developer they would be in the top 50.

Theo11302461d ago

Yeah they are, they do a proper morality system, unlike bioware games where you choices are either good or bad with no middle ground. Also, people play Bioware games in terms of who they will sleep with instead of how they affect the world. Play Dragon Age 2, you always have 3 dialogue options, A good, a bad and a sarcastic response.

@coolbeans nice pic, can't wait for that new shins album.

tubers2461d ago

has the "counter" skill been "fixed"?

Felt pretty weird with the PC version.

caboose322461d ago

From what I've seen it looks the same.

Vladplaya2461d ago

Games made for PC then ported to console -> still good games.
Games made for console then ported to PC -> piece of shit.

True story.

rattletop2461d ago

i think the xbox 360 port kinda helped cdprojekt optimize the game for PC. the recent add-on with tutorial and arena mode looks more polished and has better lighting and color than the story mode

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