4 shots from Tomb Raider Underworld scanned

See the first four screenshots scanned from the newest Tomb Raider pc/next-gen title as revealed by the PLAY magazine.


Sorry, these aren't actual (low-res) scans but thumbnails directly from the PLAY magazine :)

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mordillo924738d ago

is there any way we can translate?

e-ray4738d ago

Looks like the lighting is still pretty subpar along with the texturing. Hopefully they can soup up the graphics a bit.

felidae4738d ago

lara's dead .. it's time for drake.

tr sucks ... uc ftw.

Leathersoup4738d ago

as long as UC is a one trick pony it's not going to replace Tomb Raider. As a matter of fact, judging from the reviews I've seen so far, UC is a bit schizophrenic as far as trying to be all genres at once.

lonestarmt4738d ago

wrong. What reviews have you been reading. its been getting 9s after 9s. X-play said it was better than any tomb radier ever made. Anyone who has played it will tell you, shoot even xbots like firstknight can admit its actually a good game. Which means its dang good. I will be the first to tell you I wish it had more puzzles and jumping, but the shooting in it is far superior than most games out today, prob right behind gears of war and resident evil 4. howerver its not a one trick pony. I have TR legend and uncharted, and Legend was step in the right directions, but uncharted is the future and a much better game.

Jamaicangmr4738d ago

If might be so bold as to ask you what might that one trick be?

Ju4738d ago

I like UC, I really do (and its my favorite game so gar), but Tombraider has better puzzles and better (but more complex, sometimes confusing) platforming.

But, I agree, the next Tombraider will be meassured at UC, not the other way round. I really want to see the same visuals in that game as in Drake's. Everything else would be a disappointment.

KidMakeshift4738d ago

Go back to your basement, Rubber Johnny!

Nagthragarthoth4738d ago

If you played it you would understand. Some within the Sony development community are pissing their pants over this game. UC was a monumental achievement, it's just a shame that people are too propagandized to even open their eyes. This game is just a hint of the future to come. Lighting and res like this will be fully realized.

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Avto4738d ago

this engine needs some serious work low poly no HDR no parallax mapping a very old engine needs a lot of work

Ashta4738d ago

Well, Uncharted has truly raised the bar in terms of graphical detail in the "tomb raiding" catagory but I don't see anything bad with those screens.

If anything they are way too small to really nitpick about things like polycount and HDR. Not to mention these are the first promotional screens released for the new TR game so I'm going to go ahead and assume that the build we are looking at is an indevelopment shot and not the finished polished version (duuuur)

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