G4TV: The Games of 2012 Epic Trailer

G4TV: Are you fearless? Are you excited? Are you ready to start playing the games of 2012? Check out G4tv's epic trailer highlighting most of the biggest videogames coming out in 2012.

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Ramses32457d ago

GTA V is my most anticipated game for 2012, can't wait to get back to that sunshine state and start causing mayhem:)

crxss2457d ago

looks like BIOSHOCK INFINITE is G4TV's most anticipated game. Mass Effect 3 is probably mine but that might be because the release and demo are coming up.

iamtehpwn2457d ago

Versus XIII appears to be on Square's games of 2012 in Japan. This looks promising!
Although, The PS3 version of the Last Remnant thought to be canned is on there too, so who knows.

BigDollarZoe9542457d ago

iamtehpwn gotta keep our fingers crossed hope to hear something a demo a release date anything lol

BigDollarZoe9542457d ago

Final Fantasy XIII Versus finger crossed Tomb Raider much more there is alot of good games coming out this year lot to look forward too

Hazmat132457d ago

im asking alot but can someone give me a list of all the gametrailers shown because some of these look fucking epic.

KingOptimus7772457d ago

I'm so pumped for this year

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