Conquer Online some more screenshots

Earlier this month, the popular, long-running Action-MMORPG Conquer Online launched the massive new expansion, Invasion of Pirates.

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jdfoster2457d ago (Edited 2457d ago )

Spent most of my life in this game. Terrible game, but addicting as hell...(if that makes sense haha) Have to look out for scammers and plenty of hacking going on though. ( I got hacked) :( Had +8s too !!

CloudyAero2457d ago

I use to play this game also.. Back when it wasn't the monks, or ninjas.. It's amazing to still see this game going strong.

jdfoster2457d ago

Agreed. And the Talismans... (became too many people on the game with +12's... massive rich - poor gap in the game.

What server did you play on btw? After I was hacked I started playing some private servers which where great (they where before the monks and ninjas and talismans patches)