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Sly Cooper’s new adventure, brought to you by a brand new design studio, takes him on a journey through time. New faces, old friends, and references to previous games are the flavors of the day. It’s enough to make the game appealing to a brand new generation of gamers, but will it please old school Sly Cooper fans?

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Convas2457d ago

Most anticipated PS3 title, can't wait, looks great!

r212457d ago

agreed man, i want to see the old gang back on the ps3 :D

clearelite2457d ago

Yeah, it's definitely in my top 5(there are so many). To me this kind of signifies the the PS3 coming into it's own and repeating the success of the PS2. With all these great games coming out, a price drop and some good marketing will make the system sell better than hot cakes.

yoshiroaka2457d ago

Im just commenting because an article like this needs more comments. Loved the Sly series and it's a crime that we haven't gotten one sooner.

Would be nice if there was a Vita version too.
Hope it sells well and we get a lot more games along these lines.

Jak and daxter next!

n4gisatroll2457d ago (Edited 2457d ago )

I just wish that Sucker Punch was making this, because from what I understand, it has something to do with time travel, and what not. I mean, I loved Sly 1-3, but I'm not sold on Sanzaru yet.

FACTUAL evidence2457d ago

Did you not beat sly 3? The time travel makes sense if you saw Sly 3's ending.

n4gisatroll2457d ago (Edited 2457d ago )

Of course I beat it. I guess, I just want Sucker Punch to make the sequel, since the time travel part is in their heads.. Either way, I'm still not completely sold on Sanzaru yet. I hope its amazing though.

OhMyGandhi2457d ago

after watching what has been seen of it, it looks like this game is in perfectly fine hands.
I absolutely loved every second of the sly series, and must say that Sucker Punch (everytime I say their name, I think of that god awful movie) must be very proud of Sanzaru.