No video for Doom 4 yet, because...

Doom 4 announced in 2008, but still not published even a screenshot. Why?

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Legionaire20052458d ago

I thought Carmack said that he would talk more about Doom 4 after Rage release. Well its been 4 months now and still no news.

Voxelman2458d ago

E3 7th Jun 2012

Pax East April

Quakecon August 2

Pax Prime September

Those are the dates where you will see Doom 4

ATi_Elite2458d ago

Carmack is still trying to patch up RAGE!

You can see texture pop ins ten minutes after you turn the game off!

I kinda wish they let Unreal make Doom 4. Cliffy B would take Doom 4 to a superior level of game play while holding true to what made Doom fantastic.

Vynzent2458d ago

-_- they would destroy Doom.


Kleptic2457d ago

^^did you even play doom 3? Im pretty sure no one could screw up the franchise more than they already did.

ZippyZapper2457d ago

Kleptic how did they screw up Doom 3?

Vynzent2456d ago

Of course I played Doom3, I'm a true idSoftware fan. However, unlike alot of people, I didn't sit and whine about how the monsters were remade, I didn't whine about not having an outdoors world, and I didn't whine about the darkness.

I gibbed and I kicked ass, and I enjoyed the game.

Of course, I'm glad Doom4 is moving away from Doom3, but I will never say I didn't like Doom3.

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Sony3602457d ago

I didn't even know it was announced until last week.

Krakn3Dfx2457d ago

He also said there would be substantial Rage DLC.

John Carmack - sayin' things

t0mmyb0y2457d ago

It will be announced when it's ready to be announced. Patience grasshopper.

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starchild2458d ago

I know. We need some Doom 4 news bad.

Brosy2458d ago

No kidding. Can't wait to see if we get a next-gen Cyberdemon.

Pwnage182022457d ago

those guys are creepy shit!!!! they are extremely hard to kill!!!! BUT ITS SOOO FUNN

Bloodraid2457d ago

I hate how people like you sit there and call him a fool when he's one of the main reasons that gaming is anything like it is today.

Skizelli2458d ago (Edited 2458d ago )

Why not just submit the original source?

IWentBrokeForGaming2458d ago

with the graphical pop-in eyesore that RAGE became, I hope they go back to the drawing board and really give DOOM 4 their all... because if RAGE was given their all, the DOOM franchise is going to hurt bad!

vallencer2458d ago

I was hoping you'd go for the obvious pun and say doom was a little sad haha

IWentBrokeForGaming2458d ago

Lmfao... I had it typed up, but then backspaced it all away! the laughs that could've been? lol

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