The Year Ahead: Xbox 360 Gaming in 2008

2007 may have been a banner year for the industry, but because of the fierce holiday competition, many games were pushed back into the slower calendar months by nervous publishers. Because of this, on top of the already-planned '08 releases, next year is looking to be nearly as strong.

And while PC gaming may not be dead, console gaming shows no sign of letting up. Here's a look at the Xbox 360 releases for the next 12 months, a host of sequels and remakes and original titles. Check them all out and mark your gaming calendars.

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Hapimeses5582d ago

That's a pretty strong array of titles, although the exclusives look a little weak. Does anyone know if there are any rumoured, unannounced projects that could bolster that lineup?

TheMART5582d ago

I don't know how you view games, but:

Ninja Gaiden 2
Halo Wars
Fable 2
Too Human
Alan Wake
Splinter Cell: Conviction

and the one not in here, but surely coming:

Gears of War 2 at Christmas 2008

Already sound like pretty strong exclusives to me. And I'm pretty sure there will be more. Those alone already though will cost some good bucks

allatain5582d ago

I don't think they can do GOW2 in 2008, its too early and too fast a push ESP after they just did UT3. I don't want to play a half baked game, I would actually prefer to wait till 2009 if they can recreate the game in a way that parallels the original

Hapimeses5582d ago

Ah, yes, I'd forgotten about GoW2, that does make a difference. The first game was a good laugh.

And I wasn't saying the exclusive line-up doesn't have quality next year -- it clearly does -- I was simply suggesting that, to my eye, it looked a little weak when compared to the alternatives.

However, as I said, the complete line-up looks pretty strong, and will be enough to keep any gamer happy for the year.

TheMART5582d ago

@ allatain

So why could Epic get UT3 out one year after Gears of War released then?
They know the engine now, they can do it. Furthermore, Gears will probably at least be a trilogy, they will want to get those 3 parts on the 360 within the total life span of about 7 years. In that logic, Gears of War 3 will be released in 2010 at latest 2011. It's like this: It's about the biggest IP's as holidays system seller. Christmas 2006 had Gears 1, Christmas 2007 has Halo 3/Mass Effect, Christmas 2008 will have Gears 2, Christmas 2009 will have Halo 4, Christmas 2010 will have Gears 3. And ofcourse some of those games still in development that'll add like Mass Effect did this year. But still those main hitters will be out for sure.

Panthers5582d ago

im pretty sure UT3 was in the works before GoW released. They showed it at E3 a while back (1-2 yrs)

They are still working on UT3 for the 360 so I doubt GoW2 will be out, but who knows. Maybe they have been working on that too for a while.

PS3n3605582d ago

I think ms will or at least should push epic to get the 3rd installment of gears on the next xbox. That would be a guaranteed system seller. I know I would buy it, what a way to launch a console with a heavy hitter. As long as they didnt run into supply issues. What do you think?

salgoods5582d ago

but I see no system sellers. At all

allatain5582d ago

dude thats exactly what I mean, I love the graphics in UT3 but honestly I can't get over the gameplay, it just isn't as paced as it was in the original, it just takes to long to get around maps sometimes, it can feel a little cramped for movement or space for shooting, in the other UT games, you feel like you have mobility, its like they gave up gameplay for graphics, the game is still good, just can't get over the loss of gameplay

Bubble Buddy5582d ago

So hard to find a great game with no sequel or trilogies now...all cause of the cash. cough cough Mario.

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Lord20085582d ago

Still no Dead Rising 2 god i want a sequel to that SOOOOOOOOOOO BAD, and am i the only 360 owner who hates Ninja Gaiden.

salgoods5582d ago

count? i hated ninja gaiden on that as well

InMyOpinion5581d ago

I hated it at first cause I found it to be extremely difficult. But I gave it some time and started realising how you're supposed to play it and then it got much more enjoyable.

felidae5582d ago

the 360's games are just .... COLD!

no diversity in games ... all the same.

now the ps3 has enough games to choose from and there are much more diverse games than on the 360. plus multiplatform games are starting to look really better on the ps3.

so who cares about the xbox 36zzzz ZZZ zzzz

Bladestar5582d ago

That's what you all say about 2007... wow.. all the PS3 games... mmm... the xbox 360 is dead in 2007... and xbox 360 games are still b!tch slapping the PS3 games... The PS3 had a Shock and Awe in terms of games during 2007.. Bomba all over the place compared to xbox 360 games... mmm you think the xbox 360 will not do the same in 2008? why? because the PS3 can't get any worst? mmm.. yeah... every body though the same about 2007. it didn't happen.

waldopepper5582d ago

Did you read the article? Every type of game I can think of except platform is on the up and coming list for 2008 for the 360:

GTA IV - sandbox third person adventure
Lost Odessey - RPG
Tom Clancy's EndWar - RTS
Silent hill V - survival horror
Brothers in Arms: Hell's Highway - FPS
Brutal Legend - third person action adventure
Ninja Gaiden 2 - action adventure hack and slash
Battlefield Bad Company - FPS
Sid Meier's Civilization Revolution - RTS
Condemed 2 - FPS
World In Conflict - RTS/FPS
Halo Wars - RTS
Star Wars: The Force Unleashed - FPS?
Culdcept Saga - board game/collectable
Fable 2 - RPG
Too Human - third person fighter/RPG
Soul Calibur IV - fighting
Fallout 3 - FPS/RPG
Tom Clancy's Splinter Cell: Conviction - stealth em up
Alan Awake - adventure
Burnout Paradise - driving
Left 4 dead - survival horror
Borderlands - RPG/FPS
Ghostbusters - ?
Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six Vegas 2 - tactical shooter
Turok - FPS
Rage - FPS
Devil May Cry 4 - hack and slash

R M Spender5581d ago

what ps3 games? ff or metal gear? gt? great....thats about it, big deal. bet they make metal gear for xbox anyway. tekken is one that iam jealous for but you gotta be nuts to think ps3 is a better console and most of you ps3 freaks on here are as far as i can tell from your comments. you all got ripped off.

Salvadore5582d ago

The 360 line-up might not be as strong as 07, but it still looks great and we don't know if MS has anything wrapped up under its sleeve (Banjo or GOW2).
I don't really see the need for people bashing 360's line-up or any other consoles line up.

Panthers5582d ago

I dont see any reason to bash either, but people sure do love to. Go to a PS3 story and take a look. Tons of bashing

navig8or5582d ago

The potential for PS3 in undeniable by even the most blind fanboy, but, do not deny Alan Wake, Too Human etc.. The X360 does have many games for2008, many I'm sure like BioShock which we won't hear too much about till they are ready...I do not doubt that PS3 is going to have some killer apps, but so is X360, this is going to be fun :)

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