ShopTo Poll: Are you buying a Vita, is so which version?

STN Writes:

We’d like to know if you are intending to buy a PlayStation Vita and if so which version you are planning to buy.

It seems fairly obvious to us that the Wi-Fi version will be the most popular, due to the fact that it’s cheaper and it won’t cost you around £10-15 a month in 3G fees (3G prices still to be announced).

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FunAndGun2459d ago

I first want to see the price differences of physical to digital content. I also want to see what games will work on the Vita that I already own on PSN.

I think its an amazing piece of hardware, but I want to see how the launch goes first before I pick one up.

Definitely the Wi-Fi only one though.

Kurisu2459d ago (Edited 2459d ago )

I agree to wanting to know the price between digital and retail and getting the wi-fi model :)

tarbis2459d ago

I already have my wi-fi version =)

groupama32459d ago

3G one for me, getting it for less than what some retailers are quoting for the WiFi, so why not

Razongunz2459d ago

same here, 3G for me. me and my friends are all getting 3g, and then i can decide after wards if i wanna use the 3G or not xD

THC CELL2459d ago (Edited 2459d ago )

3g with three sim and forget the polls shop to best.get this out before release date they have messed up a.few times in the past

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The story is too old to be commented.