Another new Xbox rumour! Now it runs Blu-ray, blocks used games. And here's why that's 50% bull

GamesRadar - You know the drill by now. Unconfirmed sources, might well be a load of old bollocks, but we might as well trot it all out for your perusal and consideration so that we can all speculate on how it might all turn out. Because even if though we'll forget all of the untrue rumours the second the real machine is announced, at least we'll have filled half an hour on an otherwise uneventful Thursday morning, right?

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TheSuperior 2461d ago

If they were to block used games i would not buy the console. I am a die hard xbox player... have been for years. The thing is if they were to block used games then i wouldnt be able to rent or take games from friends which is the way i play most of my game. I cant afford to buy every game that looks good :/

MasterD9192460d ago

Blocking used games? I call b.s.

I could just imagine how many gamers would jump ship to a console that DOESN'T do that. It would be suicide.

No gamer would support that.