PlayStation 4: 12 Features that are Desperately needed

With so much speculation regarding the development of Next generation of consoles, it's definitely worth considering what might be in store for us when it comes to Sony's next big leap in the console business, the Playatation 4.

These are quite possibly the most anticipated 12 features that every hardcore gamer desperately wants to be included in the PlayStation 4.

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geniusgamerdoc2461d ago

For me the Pricing needs to be below $350. New and updated Avatar system, Revamped XMB, 1080p 60fps for all games and a great launch line-up with innovative new IPs is all I need.

Lazy_Sunday2461d ago (Edited 2461d ago )

1080p 60FPS with today's graphics is great, but I would hope to see more. We'll probably see at the very least 2000p on the next Playstation, and I say this because of all the companies at CES 2012 flaunting their 2k-4k resolutions--Sony being one of them. You'll probably see the console run somewhere between $300-450 (Sony has to have learned...), and of course a new UI, we could do away with XMB completely, it's a new decade and that thing is outdated.

Hopefully Sony is going to give in and make another hefty investment--it's either sink or swim at this point--but with this much tension before the 2012 E3, I wouldn't doubt that Sony really wants to 1up Microsoft for the gamers this coming gen. They probably want to avoid the whole "it's the cheapest blu-ray player and it play games" demographic (as much as I hate to say...), and just get the gamers with a more powerful and overall better console. That's hard to do since Microsoft has the larger gamer majority in the US right now. Though, Sony has one advantage, since Microsoft's main flaw is that we can have our cake and eat it...
IF we pay for it once a year.

An unrivaled online service wouldn't hurt either Sony, why don't you keep up the free PSN and give us a better service with the investment in your next console?

shreeveera2461d ago

I disagree... 2k and 4k resolutions are in their early stages of development. Its better to stick to 1080p and clock in at 60fps instead of 4k with 20fps.

kneon2461d ago

There seems to be some confusion here, 2160p is the 4K format. For some reason when naming the 4K format they went with the horizontal resolution in the name rather then the vertical resolution we've been using up till now.

And even the 4K isn't really standardized, there are 3 or 4 slightly different resolutions referred to as 4K,

myps42461d ago

Agree 2K yay..

Since Sony showed a range of 2K projection theatres, hopefully we may expect support for 2K resolution next gen.

Thecraft19892461d ago

There is not even GPU's on the market today that could get good FPS at those resolutions so anything higher that 1080p is not happening.

tee_bag2422461d ago

Your not going to notice a thing with 4k resolutions on your 1080p TV. The only way is with next gen TVs. Historically a new gen TV won't come out with every new gen console. Im not saying it can't happen but it's a big ask for people to upgrade their Home theatre at the same speed of their consoles.

SilentNegotiator2461d ago

Can we seriously let 1080p become standard before we start worrying about an insane resolution like 2000p?

1080p is incredibly sharp. Do people outside of professional use REALLY need more right now?

Lazy_Sunday2461d ago (Edited 2461d ago )

This is how I knew you guys would have responded...
and that's fine, it's like last year when I posted the possibility that the PS4 would be announced in 2012, since Microsoft would have to consider it being the 360's 7th year with very few exclusive titles coming, trying to set it as the PS2 of the next 4 years with Kinect.
I only take a gander at the 4k resolution because it's a new tech, and generally, when Sony makes a new product, they're looking to make their whole division benefit. Another 1080p console wouldn't feel like a step forward for them, which is why we may get a 1600p-2200p res. It's Sony, come on, they like to bring new tech and unnecessary features in their consoles that we think are unnecessary but become the sort of standard. Blu-Ray was the skeptical coming into last gen, and now it's a standard in some people's homes and in most PS3 fanboy arguments as to why the 360 is 'holding them back.'

@shreeveers: You must assume we're getting shit technology with next gen. And I wouldn't disagree with you, I'd be perfectly happy with a functional 1080p console.

@Kneon: yeah. That's a big problem. I hate the res, but I only say it because Sony always adds that experimental technology in the attempts to shove it down the throats of it's consumers and make it standard every gen. DVDs, Blu-ray true 1080p, then what next? I'd love to see them agree to simply 2000p, but the way the production line runs, I don't know if they would let that happen.

@Thecraft1989: Yes, current gen GPUs do not have that kind of power (apparently people hit the disagree button in dislike) A GTX580 will get you 40-60FPS shifting on Skyrim on Ultra at 2560x1600. Then again, Nvidia's new Keplar series has seven times that power. That having been said if they could produce enough of them at a mass production level (they're not produced at console mass production level) you'd see a significant decrease in pricing. Factories like Foxcon (as cruel as they may be) help devices like the iPhone be at least 35-60% less. The PS3 and the 360, having a much longer timescale, have had a cost reduction much greater than that over the past 6-7 years. That's pretty significant, and remember, most consoles as they begin have to be investments, since companies technically lose money for each device sold for the first two years until the products become outdated. Imagine your PS4 being, well, $600 at launch. That would suck. And Sony still lost ~$130 off each console sold for the first year of production until they found a cheaper way to make it.

@tee_bag242: Yeah, they're going for retina displays *facepalm* again this is a prediction, just thinking of how every TV company had some kind of 4k TV at CES 2012, and how we shouldn't be surprised if this is the weird thing they add.

@SilentNegotiator: I can tell you're not happy lol... This doesn't mean that 1080p games won't look good. it would mean that games at 1080p would play better and run better and perform at much better speeds. The focus would still have to stay on the 480i/p, 576p, 720p, 1080i, and 1080p scale for all TVs so the system can be playable--it wouldn't render them obsolete you'll just experience the game at a better speed. Better resolution doesn't make the game better, or necessarily the graphics, especially if the TV's highest res is 1080p. But I think denying the potential for it is wrong, it's creative thinking to think Sony would throw a wackadoo idea onto a console. Back touch pad on PSV anyone? Yeah, we thought it was unnecessary.

Solid_Snake372461d ago

i think 2-4k will be the new failed hype like 1080p 60 fps was in the begining of this gen

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FACTUAL evidence2461d ago (Edited 2461d ago )

lmfao wtf!? since when was pricing a feature!? Ok screw this's my features.

-X game chat (Well of course it will be on ps4)
-Voice messaging
-One button notification
-Overall trophy progress
-one button screen shots (app on ps4 interface that allows you to press home button for a snapshot, hold home button to cancel.)
-universal invitation system
-multiple account log in/multiple trophy earnings
-charge peripherals on standby
-all games support custom soundtracks
-friend notifications (shows notification of friend playing the same game on start up)
-PSN ID change feature
-online to offline account integration
-Notification sound (Example, sound when a friend logs on/offline, also able to disable notification sound)
-Full in depth profiles

Besides specs, I think sony knows what to do in that department, they should focus on that. They don't need to focus on hardware or games...that's natural for them..but the features stated they should improve on. No more excuses for next gen.

hellvaguy2461d ago

So basically you want xbox live to be on the psn (minus the monthly fees of course).

Mr Tretton2461d ago

Why do people keep hoping for 60fps? They're consoles. Like in any generation, the more graphics they throw on, the fps drops down, unless you want the COD route of keeping the graphics terrible on outdated engines just to have 60 fps.

I also think 1080p will not be the standard except for small PSN titles and PS3 remasters. I'm even willing to bet there will be 720p games where they focus more on pure graphical assets than resolution.

cannon88002461d ago

lol a 720p game running on the ps4 would be a visual beast.

Half-Mafia2461d ago

Ive been saying this for a long time now.

The first 2 years or so game developers will have games in 1080p at around 60fps. But when these developers want to push even better textures or more characters on screen the resolution will drop down to 720p at 60fps or keep it at 1080p but down to 30fps

CarlitoBrigante2461d ago

the fact u said avatar system shows in wich camp u gamed this generation. No sorry we dont need avatars or other kinectimals kind of stuff lol

FunkMacNasty2461d ago (Edited 2461d ago )

@ CarlitoBrigante

Not all gamers "pick sides" or game in one "camp" or another... only the immature and/or ignorant ones. So I guess your comment says something about you.

Any serious gamer who can afford all available platforms would want to own them.

RioKing2460d ago (Edited 2460d ago )

^So by your definition of serious gamer...I'm not one because of the fact I have no interest in owning a wii. Hell I don't even have a 360, simply due to the fact the PS3 pumps out enough AAA games to keep me satisfied :p

Rob9462461d ago

I can tell you right now that the pricing won't be below $350, i'm think between $400-500

RioKing2460d ago

Yeah I'd guess somewhere around $400-$599.

Now I know alot of people will say $600 is too high...but look at how much some electronics cost these days (iPad). I work in the electronics section of a local Target and trust me, iPads sell like hotcakes. There's a market for higher priced items, and if Sony were to gamble and release the PS4 before the competition...a high price tag might be almost justifiable.

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PamPoovey2461d ago

How about the PSN store being updated WW. Meaning Europe don't get the short end of the stick.

Oh and if I have to pay for all the PS1 classics again I would be ticked off. I mean we havent even got Spyro 1-3 or RE2-3 yet

geniusgamerdoc2461d ago

You have pretty good point there.

When Game discs are not Region-Locked, why should the DLC and the Store be?


tee_bag2422461d ago

I wish that would happen but I it never will. Classification alone will see to that.

majedx92461d ago

make three accounts EU,USA,JP.

specialguest2461d ago (Edited 2461d ago )

Reason #4. Innovative Console Design contradicts #1. Smart Pricing.

Smaller/slimmer design means pricier hardware. Imagine the PS3 Slim with its more compact hardware/internals released during the 2006 launch instead of PS3 Fat. I'm sure the price would've exceeded $600.

geniusgamerdoc2461d ago

Can you explain me why the Ps3 Slim came with a Price-Cut instead of having a hike if its so expensive according to you,which really a misconception

specialguest2461d ago (Edited 2461d ago )

Instead of going into detail on how producing a 45nm processor, along with other more efficient and compact components would have been pricier back in 2006 versus 2010, I'm going to give you simple proof.

During the launch year of the PS3 slim, the cost to produce the PS3 Fat cost $270 to produce. The production cost for the PS3 Slim was $336(with less usb ports and other additions the PS3 Fat had).

Now explain to me why the PS3 Slim was still pricier to produce? This is easy math, and there is a common denominator here.

Sharingan_no_Kakashi2461d ago

Some of it was good. Some of it was common freaking sense. Others like new controller design and revamped psn is bs.

myps42461d ago

A couple of Awesome IPs along with a bunch of AAA sequels at launch would be mind blowing. PS4 can definitely outperform it's competition if it comes out first next gen.

banjadude2461d ago

Another small addition: When you are downloading a game/demo, it will also install (like how Steam does it).

Blaine2461d ago

Ugh, it drives me crazy when it takes a few minutes to download a demo, then nearly an hour to install it. And once you start an install, you can't even cancel.

RedDead2461d ago

Not on Xbox, just sayin

kikizoo2461d ago

- if you want it, it's possible (not background download) !

- if you are downloading several demo in the same time, and ask to shut down the system after downloads, then the games will be installed !!

so it's not a problem, just you chosing the wrong options.