3 Things that should have been Added to The Sims 3/Sims 3 Pets (Console version)

The Sims series has been iconic to the gaming community for years. Its originality and vast variety of customization options set this game apart from any other game out there. It is just about the only game on the shelf that allows you to live a life that you completely sculpt yourself; from career, to house, to who is family and who is a friend… the choice is yours.

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TheSuperior 3522d ago

What i would give to customize a whole neighborhood. I loved doing that before. I have never been much of a PC gamer but if you can do the whole neighborhood on the PC someone let me know so i can go buy the game! haha

Alabaster3521d ago

You can't, but you can edit lots. Personally I would love that feature.


You can create your own worlds and edit all lots on The Sims 3 PC. Creating own worlds requires you to download World Editor from the website.