Preview: The Witcher 2 Plays Best on The Xbox 360

Ryan Winterhalter of writes: "I hate to confess it, but I'm a bit of a PC snob. When given the choice, I'll often pick a shoddy console-to-PC port over an arguably superior 360/PS3 native version of a game. There's just something about knowing that I'm not playing the best looking version of a game. Need for Speed: Hot Pursuit, for example, played amazingly on consoles, but I couldn't resist the call of the incredibly minor graphical updates sported by the PC version -- even if all my friends played the game elsewhere; and make no mistake, the best parts of the game don't reveal themselves until you start challenging your friend's Autolog records.

I walked into a console demo for The Witcher 2 with these biases firmly intact -- only to find myself contemplating abandoning my current PC Witcher 2 playthrough in order to tackle it fresh on the 360. From the graphics to the controls, every change in the Witcher 2 came as a pleasant surprise."

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Abriael3555d ago

Misinformed dude is misinformed. PC will get the enhanced edition update for free on the same day.

JsonHenry3555d ago

Yeah, I was thrown off by him saying something about the DX10 and 11 effects on the PC version. I was under the impression that it was DX9 only on the PC? It really makes the rest of the article seem suspect to me..

Abriael3555d ago

Honestly if the writer didn't strike me as plain misinformed I'd be tempted to think about a shill.

EVILDEAD3603555d ago (Edited 3555d ago )

'PC will get the enhanced edition update for free on the same day.'

Are they REALLY getting this version, when it was adapted strictly for consoles?

CD Projekt definately didn't make it sound like ANYBODY was getting this version for free..Even they are calling it the 360 adaption the 'definitive' version of the game.

The Witcher 2: Enhanced Edition launches worldwide for Xbox 360 on 17th April, developer CD Projekt has announced.

The developer has added a raft of new features and insists it's the "most polished and definitive version of the game".

Here's a summary of what you can expect from the console release:

New CGI intro sequence
33 minutes of new cinematics
Four additional hours of gameplay
Two new adventures
New characters
New locations
Revamped intelligent camera system
New target locking system
Improved Character Panel
New panels navigation bar
More responsive control system

I copied this in the other article from the forums, but wow this game is really starting to look like it will be one of best console releases this year..port or not.

At least they gave PC gamers who played the game an incentive to try it on consoles as well.
I just can't wait to see what the hype is all about.


caboose323554d ago (Edited 3554d ago )


If you actually watched the live stream conference you would know there was a segment when the guy clearly said that the Enhanced Edition and all of it's features WILL be released for PC the same day as the xbox360 version comes out VIA update.

And CDP always says things to cater to certain audiences during conferences. They did it when the PC version was coming out, and now for the xbox version. So yea, everything you just listed, will be in the PC version.

Your'e very ignorant and uninformed about this game, just like the author of this article.

Tony P3554d ago

There's an official announcement on about the PC version.

EVILDEAD3603554d ago

'If you actually watched the live stream conference you would know there was a segment when the guy clearly said that the Enhanced Edition and all of it's features WILL be released for PC the same day as the xbox360 version comes out VIA update.'

I just watched the conference and yup he does say the PC gamers who bought the game will get a update with the new content.

But, he also said that all the controls, camera, nav panel etc. were specifically designed for the 360.

Again, like I said before, they could have simply made a port. Instead these guys raised the bar on the content and features for the game. Plus they are including the soundtrack, map, etc right out the box. (which are normally pre-order incentives for most games)

Color me excited that the game that PC gamers couldnt stop praising is getting an authentic console adaption, which even they call the best version.

CD Projekt has my money coming in April.


Somebody3554d ago (Edited 3554d ago )

It is a DX9 only game and the prettiest one at that. It even have the Ubersampling effect that only high end graphic card can use. Imagine that: A DX9 effect that requires an expensive card/multi card system to play properly while my own medium graphic card can play the latest DX11 games superbly (the Ubersampling is inaccessible -grayed out and unclickable-for my card).

Last I heard, yes, CDP did promised that the PC gamers will get the same content and updates as the X Box 360. For free, even future ones - the ones that Microsoft licensing agreement is forcing them to sell the DLCs while the PC get them for free.

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caboose323555d ago (Edited 3555d ago )

This guy doesnt even know what he is talking about. He claims that the PC version used DX10 and 11. And yes, everything from the redesigned controls to all the Enhanced edition content will release on the PC version for free.

Abriael3555d ago

Gotta wonder how this kind of misinformed and misinformative writer gets to write on a large site. Nepotism, I guess.

caboose323555d ago (Edited 3555d ago )

Yea I guess when you work on a site filled with other console gamers, there's no one there telling you that your'e doing it wrong when it comes to PC gaming.

vickers5003555d ago

"redesigned controls"

Source please. I bought The Witcher 2 a while ago, but since I don't like kb/m for gaming and since the gamepad support for the witcher 2 currently kind of sucks, I haven't played it very much.

Updated and improved controls would help to get me back into the game.

Baka-akaB3555d ago (Edited 3555d ago )

what do you mean the pad support sucks ? It's obvious it was developped with pad controls in mind (along usual pc controls) .

Heck i've only played the game on pads . A new better design is always welcomed , but it played more than fine on pc with a pad

vickers5003555d ago

It just feels clunky and sluggish, and the gamepad support just feels tacked on and not at all optimized for a controller.

It just doesn't have quite as good gamepad support as a lot of other games I've played.

Anyways, back to my original question: could you link me the source?

closnyc23554d ago

lmao it was developed with pad support in mind and you can rebind keys, maybe you just cant handle witcher 2 difficulty. Did you press A? did awesome happen?

vickers5003554d ago

"lmao it was developed with pad support in mind"

Hmm, well I guess they didn't do a very good job of it.

"maybe you just cant handle witcher 2 difficulty. Did you press A? did awesome happen?"

I have it on the easiest difficulty, and I haven't died once. But of course, I must suck at it if I don't like it. That's the only logical conclusion. It couldn't be that the gamepad support is mediocre, no, I must just suck at it. /s

Now can somebody please link me the damned source without acting all defensive like I've somehow hurt their feelings because I don't share their opinion?

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jthamind3555d ago

how does it control better on the 360 when you can use a 360 controller on PC and map the buttons? like i did, and it controlled perfectly. and of course the graphics and framerate are going to be better on the PC version. so what is this guy talking about? what makes it play best?

dedicatedtogamers3555d ago

It's one of the only hardcore 360 games coming out this year so I guess you gotta hype up what little there is.

BrutallyBlunt3554d ago (Edited 3554d ago )

Still trolling any topic not talking about Sony products i see. Ask yourself this, isn't the Call of Duty franchise the number one selling franchise on the Playstation 3? Talk about a system that is so much more hardcore than all the others.

Here's a little tip for you, not everyone shares your views that exclusive content is all that matters. In fact the highest selling games on the Playstation 3 are mostly made up of multiplats just like the XBOX 360.

So take a hike and start posting in articles that interest you because all you seem to be doing is acting like a child with nothing better to do. The Witcher 2 looks fantastic. Skyrim was also fantastic. Amazing how there are so many fantastic games out there that are on more than one platform. Seems to me your envious of those who can enjoy games without clamouring to what system they are on.

Raider693555d ago (Edited 3555d ago )

Thats was exactly my thoughts i remap the 360 controls on the pc version,so what is this guy talking about!i remap the back button to go directly to the inventory i dont use the lock enemies button i dont see "any use on lock button" so i remap it to scrool signs directly without using the wheel!Not to mention that this guy mention this guy mention dx10 and 11 and the game is dx9.Those this guy ever played the Witcher 2 on PC!

Somebody3554d ago

I've tried my Razer Onza with The Witcher 2 and I find it quite good. So why is everybody hyping the hell out of a feature that's already available in the PC version? A shared feature is also available in MOST multiplatform games in this gen?

closnyc23554d ago

seriously dude? did you read or listen to the live stream? you really think, cdp will betray its fanbase, the ones that put them there and not give us the update? theyre not ID, or carmack. They love pc, cause theyre from poland, where pc is king. Think before you talk, thanks

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