Capcom Fails Once Again With Resident Evil: Revelations Packaging

We at FPSWin are not sure how this could possibly happen twice however it seems that Capcom has messed up once again with the packaging of their game.

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xtremexx2554d ago

couldnt stop laughing, then i stopped and realised someone is getting fired :P

FriedGoat2554d ago (Edited 2554d ago )

wow awesome, I did love the IGN logo in the okami boxart.
Better quality pic

archemides5182554d ago

btw i NEVER got my replacement okami artwork in the mail even though i signed up for it....buncha lies

TheGuyWho2554d ago

hurrr, seriously how does this happen?

xtremexx2554d ago

honestly who knows? happened with okami aswell.

SKUD2554d ago

Free lulz DLC included on the box.

Skate-AK2554d ago

Haha it's cause they are used to just slapping a number on the box without spelling anything but Resident Evil. I'm still stoked for RE6 though.

xtremexx2554d ago

Im sure they did it on purpose XD

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The story is too old to be commented.