Mass Effect 3 Demo Can Be Unlocked One Week Earlier – New Video Tomorrow (Hopefully)

Loud Mouthed Gamers: BioWare has announced that fans will be able to unlock the Mass Effect 3 demo a full week early. They also gave us yet another little goal for us to reach. All you have to do is share this screenshot, and once the count reaches 10,000, BioWare will release a brand new video of Mass Effect 3.

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FrightfulActions2456d ago

This sounds promising. Though I worry what I have to do to prove I'm a fan. Show them a receipt to the Collectors Edition? My 100 percent in Mass Effect 2? Knowing EA, it probably involves buying something... :/

SageHonor2455d ago

Agree, "I hope its not something stupid like facebook related. Me no have facebook.

Captain Qwark 92455d ago

prob by purchasing kingdom of amalur which im doing anyway

MasterD9192455d ago (Edited 2455d ago )

I would hope that people who own and have completed campaigns for ME1 and ME2 would be involved in that earlier demo release as well....

AKA the real fans.