The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker - A Timeless Masterpiece

GameDynamo - "No matter when you experienced the series for the first time, most of you have either played or heard of The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker. At the time of its first reveal, it was a controversial mess among the fans. With its bizarre step towards cel-shaded graphics, its emphasis on exploration and sailing, and an overall strangeness of design for the Zelda series, many fans were befuddled. While The Wind Waker received near perfect scores from most reviewers at its release, it took some time for the game to warm up to the old time Zelda fans and gamers in general. The Wind Waker these days is held in fairly high regard, and while it's probably not quite the black sheep of the series (that would be held for Majora's Mask), it's more or less the free-spirited, artsy, fun loving iteration of The Legend of Zelda."

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CarlitoBrigante2484d ago

This is the best Zelda game Ive played along with OoT. This game is better than Twilight Princess and Skyward Sword combined.

I'm playing Windwaker in 1080p on my 50" plasma on Dolphin. Goddamn how can a game from 2003 look so great???

ReservoirDog3162484d ago

I would love to try that but my computer is so weak. I hope the Wii U let's you download old gamecube games so I can finally replay it.

The ending was so perfect.

Eamon2484d ago

Wind Waker is my least favourate console Zelda game. I do think the cel-shaded graphics looked pretty but I will still somewhat put off by it. I like the more realistic dark art style of Ocarina and Twilight Princess.

But also the gameplay was quite easier than every other console Zelda game.

Goomb2484d ago

It makes me want to play it all over again right now, though I do remember being annoyed with all the sailing. In any case, it was well worth it. Beautiful game.

Pikajew2484d ago

I wish I still had my copy

AbyssGravelord2484d ago

Best Zelda game ever made in my opinion.

Haters gonna hate

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