CVG Preview: Brothers in Arms: Hell's Highway

CVG writes:

"Let's get this off the chest right at the start: it's clear from hands-on time spent with Brothers in Arms: Hell's Highway that Gearbox hasn't gone about reinventing the wheel.

It's still Brothers in Arms. Squads to command? Yep. A context-sensitive order system? Yep again. A suppression meter and the overhead tactical map view? Check. The tension of being pinned down by German assault? Indeed."

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aba4738d ago (Edited 4738d ago )

I doubt Gearbox with have framerate problems, but I swear the 360 controller is so much better for shooters. Decisions, decisions...

zonetrooper54738d ago

Yeh the 360 controller is better for FPS's I bet I will get some disagrees.