Game Informer: Final Fantasy XIII-3 is inevitable

Game Informer says Square Enix intentionally left XIII-2's story incomplete and the announcement of XIII-3 is "inevitable".

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zeal0us2457d ago

Something told me this was going to happen :(

KeybladeMaster2456d ago

I wouldn't be surprised. Square Enix is so out of touch with it's fanbase they will probably make another one and say "Oh ya! The fans asked for another sequel to this awesome RPG!"

Seriously I could care less. As long as they finish Final Fantasy Versus XIII and start development on Kingdom Hearts III before they even start developing Final Fantasy XIII-3 than they can do it. I don't care about it anymore.

bakasora2456d ago (Edited 2456d ago )

Its so disgusting.
Now I hate $E so much that I would no longer buy any of games related to them, even if its good like Deus Ex:HR, Tomb Raider.

gaffyh2456d ago

No, Squeenix, just no. FF13 is one of the worst (that doesn't mean it's completely bad, I enjoyed it) main FFs ever made. If you're going to do a sequel to something, do it for the better FFs! It just makes sense. Also FF7 remake or GTFO.

slayorofgods2456d ago

SE has become nothing but FF13... FF13-2, FF13-3, FFvs13, other 13 versions on mobile and handheld devices.....

Whatever happened to making a Final Fantasy game then moving on.. and why do fake generic games that are mmorpg's like FF14 have to hog a whole sequel in the FF series?

FF7 - 8 - 9 - 10 - identity crisis.

RedDead2455d ago

There is no doubt, the end of the game(best one) ses "to be continued" which is an unfortunate thing

tigertron2455d ago

Say it isn't so

Well, I'm not surprised by this at all.

360ICE2455d ago

Wow, I wish I could. Squarenix need to stop making sequels no one really wants in the first place and accept Christ.

"Thou shalt not spin thy neighbours game off."

Gamer19822455d ago (Edited 2455d ago )

To be fair no FF except for 10 every carried on from another and since FF has been getting less hype with each release S-E are obviously going in a new direction. I like it personally as it was getting a little stale anyway the old system we have already got upto 13.

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Hanif-8762456d ago

I wonder if even that is gonna be released before Versus?!

sikbeta2456d ago

Being sarcastic right? :P

I can't believe SE want to push this thing so much, well, lets see how much it bombed when it's released :D

Where is VSXIII?

colonel1792455d ago

Not sure if sarcastic or serious... ¬¬

The sad thing is that with SE you don't know anymore

Ranma12457d ago (Edited 2457d ago )

If FF13-3 is made i wouldnt be suprised. SE is out of touch with its fans.

This company is called Square Enix, they suck.

They are not Squaresoft, lets not forget that.

The people who like SE are the same people who like the taste of dog poop, IMO.

p.s former SE and FF fan (i left them after FF13)

LiamIRL822456d ago

I was going to say the same thing, FF13 ruined the series for me & Square Enix are NOT Squaresoft.

kaveti66162455d ago

How can FF13 ruin the series? Isn't every Final Fantasy game just a completely different story that takes place in a similar universe (I assume because chocobos persist)?

It's not like any of the crappy Mario games ruined Mario for me. Just play the ones you want and forget the others exist. Since the storylines are discrete, there's no reason for the entire franchise to be ruined by a few crappy titles.

rdgneoz32455d ago

"Isn't every Final Fantasy game just a completely different story that takes place in a similar universe (I assume because chocobos persist)?"

Pretty much, every other game was a complete story, not chopped up and sold as a sequel or as DLC.

Also, I had a feeling they were gonna do a 3rd game a while ago when they trade marked a FF13 site using a company that they've used before (one of which they for SE did was Dues Ex).

BiggCMan2456d ago (Edited 2456d ago )

Bunch of annoying complainers, Final Fantasy 13 is a good game, and it was a change in the series that it needed drastically, get over it.

I mean I loved the series just as much as anybody, but I just felt it needed to be changed, and the direction they took with 13 was a good one. If it's such a bad game to all these so called "fans" then why have the reviews for both 13 and 13-2 been remarkably high? They're doing something right clearly, and millions enjoy the game, and enjoy the change inside of it.

PamPoovey2456d ago

"Bunch of annoying complainers"

No one is a complainer for hating a game which ruined the FF franchise, it's going to happen and for good reasons...

"Final Fantasy 13 is a good game"

........<sigh>.....not even going to bother......NEXT....

"it was a change in the series that it needed drastically"

It didn't need changing it was fine where it was, if people can play the same Mario/Pokemon/Zelda games over and over then I don't see why FF was a problem. Hell even turn based combat was fine and Lost Odyssey prooved that.

"get over it"

Sorry but people don't like to be b*tched around by Square

BiggCMan2456d ago

So you would rather the game stay exactly the same as it has been for over 10 years, and you don't want any type of change? That doesn't make any damn sense. Look at other masterpiece series like Metal Gear, it changes A LOT of stuff around every single game, but they all still manage to be masterpieces regardless, especially 4 which is the most different of all. So why don't you want that for Final Fantasy? It's stupid to not accept change.

Wintersun6162456d ago (Edited 2456d ago )

The basic gameplay is still very much the same in MGS, the changes are all logical improvements, that's a very bad comparison. IMO FF12 had an awesome battle and level up system. They should've taken the core elements of that and improved on it. Instead they made even battling and leveling up linear, not just the levels. There was an illusion of freedom in cha racter development but that was just an illusion. Even the weapon upgrades were linear because the only effective way to go with it was to choose one weapon and focus on it. You had to grind those damn turtles for like 10 hours just to get 2 or 3 ultimate weapons. Also there was nothing else to do than grind, do hunts and look at the scenery. You really think that was something FF needed desperately?

Anderson82456d ago

FF fans are used to change every FF instalment has changes from the last one so it all stays fresh. change is not a problem.. but changing to much is.. they changed so much in 13 that it became a different game, i mean how can u have a FF game without airships and a world map?
..i could go on

Redempteur2456d ago (Edited 2456d ago )

There are FFs without airships and world map ... this complain is just silly.
FF7 had an awesome battle system and that didn't prevent SquareSOFT (!!) just just kill it and do something else with FF8 .
Your argument is invalid.
If you're not going to bother because you don't have an argument , then you can also accept the facts.. FF13 is a good game , a good rpg , just a bad FF ... But it's a game that can be enjoyed.
Nobody is saying that it's perfect or anything like that ... it's a flawed game no doubt ... and if things can be improved in a sequel , why the hate ?
BiggCMan is right , you're all are just annoying complainers.

Wintersun6162456d ago

What? How does that make my argument invalid? Sorry, but I don't catch your drift here.

PamPoovey2456d ago



Because I don't have an argument....yest thats excatly the reason, OR MAYBE it's because I couldn't be arsed to repeat what I've said it the past and most people have said on here.

Don't try and twist peoples comments with made up BS it's sad.

trenso12456d ago

I've been playing Pokemon since its release with red and blue and it has changed in recent years but mainly the core turn based exploration of the game has more or less stayed the same except black and white those two were horrible compared to silver/ruby. Which is why I guess a lot of didn't like FF13 it changed too much. I loved it and finished playing it twice already. if FF had changed a little but enough to keep the core ame intact I think a lot less people would mad at squenix

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ZippyZapper2456d ago

Sad to ditch FF just because it went multiplatform.

ZippyZapper2456d ago

FF has been on every platform accept Sega. Can't lose something that was never exclusive in the first place.

Everyone would be rich if your tears were made of gold.

rdgneoz32455d ago

"Except" not accept. And as for ditching it, its more along the lines of them getting greedy as hell and screwing fans over lately.

GraveLord2456d ago

lol you're down to 1 bubble.
Look where all that trolling got you!

KeybladeMaster2456d ago

Hhmmm ironic. A one bubble troll trying to call out another troll. That's rich. Lol.

NeXXXuS2455d ago

There's no Hironobu Sakaguchi either.

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stonecold32457d ago

they need to released final fantasy vs 13 first before that start working on ff13xiii3

DigitalRaptor2455d ago (Edited 2455d ago )

It'd be ridiculous if XIII-3 (if it exists) is out before Versus XIII, but we are talking about Square here. The people who brought a sequel no-one really wanted or asked for.

I don't care at this stage. I'm convinced Versus will be out within the next 18 months, and it'll b*tch slap the rest of these XIII games.

Magnus2457d ago

If you really want to know if there will be a FF13-3 just youtube the perfect ending for it and you'll see saw it yesterday and shook my head.

MaideninBlack2456d ago

Why not? Eveyone does trilogies right? Too bad this will be out before Versus.

MiyagiSPG2456d ago

Then in that case I want to play Final Fantasy X-3, as that stops after 2 games (and I want to play as Jecht, Auron, and Braska!)