Resident Evil: Operation Raccoon City may not be a success ...

The official announcement of RE6 was a joy to many, especially with the meeting of the protagonists Leon

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MrGunny942509d ago

I actually can't wait for it! It's a mix of SOCOM and Resident Evil, i enjoyed SOCOM:CONF but to bad Slant Six didn't gave enough support and launched the game with 50% of content...

Oh well this Mix between SOCOM and Resident Evil is pretty good!

It's a spin off after all!

Kostchtchie2509d ago

socom:conf was great game after they got there head around the ps3 tech, hopefully the game plays good on pc, as that is were i will be playing it this time, that or the ps3

Kostchtchie2509d ago

i will be picking up resi evil rc over re6 any day, leon is punk bitch the series went down hill after re3, 4 was garabge, 5 was garbage, and 6 now looks like they are taking the cod route with having you jump all over the place with diffrent characters, fuck that....give us a god dam story with a character we can enjoy, not this jump to him jump to her bs, because you can't keep gamers intrested because most them have the attension span of fish

resi evil rc is looking and feeling like how a resi evil should feel and play like, what would have been better if they had added decent puzzles for your team to complete like in re 1,2,3, but you cant have everything

MysticStrummer2509d ago

I'm waaay more interested in this than RE6.