Why the Elimination of MS Points is Bad For You

A good piece on why Microsoft Points actually do more good than harm for gamers, and why they'll miss them when they're gone.

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gamingdroid2456d ago

I think this is a good article shedding some proper and objective light on the issue.

Captain Qwark 92456d ago

this was a rather interesting article and hes absolutely right in some cases. i didnt see them on sale often but they were bundled with things a lot, if they start to use real money, the author is spot on, they will never give you cash :/

kneon2456d ago

If the terms of use state that you will never get any cash for a card or left over amounts in your account then they can treat it the same way as they do the points cards.

user13372456d ago (Edited 2456d ago )

Dunno about MS, but you can get "discounts" on PSN cards, e.g.:

Thats just 1 example, I have seen others.

sticky doja2456d ago

Yah I bought 2 4000 point cards last night on ebay for $80 with instant email delivery. If I bought from MS store it would be $99.99+tax.

xVeZx2456d ago

the people who disagreed are idiots

egidem2456d ago

Making a comment like that makes you an idiot.

ZippyZapper2456d ago (Edited 2456d ago )

The people who disagreed are just the PS3 horde. Welcome to the Xbox section of N4G.

callahan092456d ago (Edited 2456d ago )


What about tax? "Get ready to pay it, get ready to pay it hard"? Did MS announce that tax will now be added to the dollar amount of all purchases after points are gone?

xVeZx2455d ago

not they add tax when you buy a game from the games on demand section? if so then yeah they definitely are....they tax you when you buy points also...whenever theres "real" money involved i think theres always going to be some kind of tax

ziggurcat2455d ago

except what the author failed to mention is that if you wanted to purchase a game that was on sale for, say, 600 points you are forced to purchase at least 1000 MS points, which leaves you with 400 points left over. the next time you wanted to purchase a game, you are forced to purchase at least 1000 more MS points.

the smart thing to have done was to allow people to purchase the (as per my example) 600 points rather than forcing you to pay more money on points you wouldn't really have used on add-on content or avatar nonsense.

if they eliminate points and go to a monetary system, they should (at the very least) allow the system to add the exact amount of the purchase to your wallet (if you have nothing in your wallet) when you go to purchase a game/add-on/whatever.

and the whole points card going on sale is a bit of a moot point anyway since XBL gold cards go on sale constantly and you certainly don't use MS points to purchase those. there'd also be no reason to not put whatever type of cards they come up with on sale, either - as someone pointed out, PSN cards do go on sale sometimes.

i'll also have to double-check this, but i haven't noticed any tax being added to my recent PS store purchases, so i'm not even sure if the author's argument that you're going to be taxed to hell is even true. i had received a $20 PSN card as a gift over the holidays, paid for infamous: bound in blood, which was $9.99 and i had $10.01 left in my wallet. my next purchase was darksiders, which was on sale for $14.99 and i only paid the difference. i also once had 50 cents in my wallet, so i bought one of their premium avatars and i was left with 1 cent.

anyway, i've been calling for them to eliminate that silly points system for a long time now and i'm glad that they're finally going to potentially do something about it....

ziggurcat2455d ago

lol @ disagreeing with facts...

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Jobesy2456d ago (Edited 2456d ago )

Since when are there PSN point cards? Hmm, must have missed that memo.

He is right about discounted and free point cards though. There is always a way to get more MS points than what you pay for.

People never hated the points, it was only the uneven conversion from points to dollars. If $2 = 200 points everything would be ok.

Kurt Russell2456d ago

It's not even that that always bothers me... it's that things are priced in 400-800-1200 blocks, yet I can only buy 500-1000-2000 blocks, meaning I'm always over spending.

I was 80 points off of gears 3 DLC the other week... that's about 80p in stirling, I had to pay about £4.00 to get that 80 points :/

Wh15ky2456d ago

That's 80p in Glasgow too!

kindi_boy2455d ago

That's exactly why I hate points, I don't care about discounts on points, I don't care about how those points are bundled with other crap (never got them). I don't want to have extra points laying around forever, and the only way to use them is by adding more points.

Cicinho2450d ago

On PS3 you can only add funds into your wallet in 5s, 10s, 15s ect. So if your DLC is £3 or £8, you end up over paying by adding 5£ or £10.

Vortex3D2456d ago

Why is it so difficult for MS Points buyers remember divide by 80 = actual $ value?

Because there's no $ value on MS points card, it's often on sale that PS3/Wii points card rarely on sale.

Neo Nugget2456d ago

Why should they even have to divide by 80 everytime they want to figure out how much their spending?

killershadow1172456d ago

You don't if you know simple math and have a long term memory

Vortex3D2456d ago (Edited 2456d ago )

Well, use you basic math division skill or loose discount to MS actual currency card.

Which is better?

When we loose daily discount to MS points card if MS does switch to actual currency card, then don't complain. (Do you hear PS3/Wii gamers complain about lack/very rare discount to their actual currency points card? They got used to paying full price.)

bozebo2456d ago (Edited 2456d ago )

Author has no understanding of basic economics. (remember that MS points were essentially a currency where they could pick and choose exchange rates...)

Legion2456d ago

Wrong. Points are set regardless of the exchange rate. They don't fluctuate against any currency. 80points will always cost me $1. Regardless of the market.

And people ask why they don't do a 100 points equals $1 thing to make it easier. Does that make it any easier for those that don't use dollars?

The only people that even worry about exchange rates are those that don't have point cards for sale in their currency. And even then it has nothing to do with MS setting rates as the points rates do not change with MS.

playboi282456d ago

What does that have to do with anything? 80 points may always cost you a dollar but $1 will always equal $1. What will fluctuate is the cost of what you are buying. What might have cost 800 points can easily increase to 1000. The reason that points are such a ripoff is that you always end up short by like 20 points and have to buy like 400 just to make up that difference. A dollar amount is most efficient like the PSN uses. As long as your total purchase is over $5, you can pay exactly the amount you need. This is no different than trying to buy a candy bar at a gas station and they say there's a $5 minimum for credit card purchases.

I swear it is truly hilarious what people will tolerate and defend for Microsoft but if Sony did it, it's the end of the world...

Legion2455d ago

I am assuming that you have never purchased a single MS point and are only throwing out conjecture on the subject.

So you are saying that because a price increase may happen in the future that it somehow eludes to MS resetting their currency rate? (as bozebo posted about MS picking and choosing exchange rates)

I guess Walmart and all the other businesses out there are fixing their own exchange rates when they are adjusting prices too?

And as you pointed out that 80points will always equal $1. Because $1 doesn't buy as much as it did years ago is due to inflation and many other factors... not exchange fixing as was mentioned.

A PSN game that cost you $19.99 might cost you $29.99 in the future... that doesn't mean that Sony is doing anything different just because MS uses the points system and they don't.

Yes maybe that 20 points difference between being able to get a game is annoying... and yet you don't see too many people harping about it except those that have never even used it.

I get free 20 points into my account every month by simply answering a few (usually 5) survey questions from Xbox Live Rewards. So if you aren't smart enough to use the free service then you have nothing to complain about. I have gotten 1130 points free since signing up for Xbox Live Rewards. Can't really do that with dollars as someone mentioned... free money is rarely something people give out.

Simply it is a marketing tool that allows MS to advertise their product equally across different regions without the added cost of currency identification on their end.

Could they reduce the amount of points purchased to maybe 100 points or so? Maybe. Does it factor to me? No. The free points I have gotten have way out weighed any 20 point difference issues that I might come across. (I just wait for my free points to come into my account the next month.)

playboi282450d ago

Well, congratulations on getting a few free points from Microsoft. It's really funny how you confuse price inflation with currency exchange. Currently 80 points may still be worth a dollar. Ten years from now, 80 points may still in fact be worth a dollar. But what does that matter if the things you buy triple in price?

And BTW, Sony doesn't have to reward you with bullshit currency. They just give you free downloads. And also, I got a free $10 voucher from them just a few months ago, so I still don't understand your point.

Onii2456d ago (Edited 2456d ago )

Tax, again and again? sorry but I just bought darksiders on PSN like two or three weeks ago for 19.99. no tax. Maybe living in canada has something to do with it but I've not paid more than the shown price on PSN.

jadenkorri2456d ago (Edited 2456d ago )

yeah everything on psn is listed price, no taxes, i use my credit card to buy everything i want on psn. I heard stores charge taxes on the psn gift cards. I have not bought one myself so not sure.

Majin-vegeta2456d ago

Nope stores don't charge tax for PSN cards i always get mine from there and i always pay $20 or $50.

Soldierone2456d ago

Depends on the area. Here there is no tax if you buy it direct with a credit card and its not over a certain amount. However if I have a PSN card from a local store, it charges tax and its a LOT. I think I paid 3 bucks for a 12 or 15 dollar purchase.

I just buy them on Amazon or buy direct, since neither of those charge me tax for some reason.

sticky doja2456d ago (Edited 2456d ago )

If you aren't paying tax its becuase where you live they don't have a sales tax. In Texas I always pay sales tax even on the internet if the company I am purchasing from has a brick and mortar store in the state of Texas. Thats why Amazon, Newegg, ebay and other out of state stores with good prices are my favorite places to shop :)

trenso12456d ago

yea i noticed that too. there is no tax on psn. atleast anymore now

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