Call of Duty Elite Locks DLC to a Single Profile; Breaking Microsoft's Terms of Use

GR - "With the release of Modern Warfare 3's first two maps, Call of Duty players have discovered a frustrating change to the game's DLC policy. Those who have shelled out the money for a premium Elite subscription can download and play the maps just fine, but any other profile on the system will be unable to access the content without a separate Elite membership."

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Servbot2484d ago

I'm so glad I passed on this game. Activision is a dreadful company.

phosphor1122484d ago

When will people learn that Activision is all about ripping people off?
Yearly COD rehashes, Selling Guitar Hero to death, Spyro Skylanders "toy" set....


GraveLord2484d ago

When will you trolls learn that DLC is optional?
Buying a yearly COD is also optional.

You trolls are more obsessed with COD than the fans themselves.

MoonConquistador2484d ago

Yeah, just unfortunate that its MS terms that they have broken. Can you imagine the laughs they'd get if they phoned activision and said this is unfair against our consumers and a downright rip off.

Pots n kettles.

Hufandpuf2484d ago

Wait? The map pack had only 2 maps?

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