Plans For February Release Of Three Soulcalibur V DLC Packs Revealed

There’s no rest for the team at Project Soul. Even though development ended on Soulcalibur V a few weeks ago, there’s been plenty of work for to do preparing a wealth of downloadable content (DLC) to keep fans fighting.

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LiquifiedArt2459d ago

sooo, basically DLC that noone wants.
More fighting styles please,

Serjikal_Strike2459d ago

Who started this Dlc shit?
its getting out of control...

NovusTerminus2459d ago

All I can say is Western devs... And following that is PC gaming... But I agree, it has gotten crazy. I don't buy much of it at all.

h311rais3r2459d ago

Pc stuff used to be expansions not dlc. It used to be full new games. U know things they "consider sequels" now. Cod.... Just look at total war shogun 2. The new one is an expansion yet a new game for 30 bux...

webeblazing2459d ago

i thought i remembered before pc dev use to give maps n stuff for free. they had you pay for the expansion pack which is a completely new game for a much cheaper price. i guess im wrong

crematory2459d ago

the true is us who support this shit

Reborn2459d ago

Ah, more content which should be on the disc.

pedo_across-the-road2459d ago

It's most likely already on the disc but you have to pay to unlock it.

AngelicIceDiamond2459d ago

Would be better to have more fighting styles or new game stages, They probably will a month after launch or something.

Tanir2459d ago

woot, i want all of this, well this but mostly Zaslemal, yen sung and talim. Where ARE THEY!

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