Review: Final Fantasy XIII-2 [PSLS]

Recommending FFXIII-2 to those who liked XIII while not so much to those who didn't, Heath Hindman of PlayStation LifeStyle says:
"Those who despised Final Fantasy XIII have no reason to even attempt the sequel; those that did should take it as highly recommended. If you play RPGs with your focus on plot, characters, and storytelling, you’re probably best to drop this game off your radar, unless you’re cool with it taking 20 hours to get good. If you play it for interesting progress systems and combat, it becomes interesting close to the five-hour mark and for the most part, holds its own. It’s a hard game to review, because you’re gonna get sacks of hatemail no matter what. Praise this game and you’re 'contributing to the downfall of the series,' slam it and 'you just didn’t get it, man.' Millions of people will fall very passionately on both sides of this one. For me, Final Fantasy XIII-2 lands right smack in the middle."

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richierich2457d ago (Edited 2457d ago )

5 out of 10????? if I were Square Enix my pants would be getting filled right now.

iamtehpwn2457d ago

If you actually read the review, a lot of complaints aren't very well explained...One of them includes a complaint with "Toryiama trying to be like Nomura"....what.

PamPoovey2457d ago (Edited 2457d ago )

No offense but I've been here like what...8 days and even now all the FF13 articles I've seen theres you, defending the hell out of the game.

We get it you actually like FF13, you love Square Enix and your actually going to get the sequel. Stop tyring to justify how bad FF13 and it's sequel are, they are both very bad FF games....let it go man

MmaFan-Qc2457d ago

no offence but i will wait for a credible review.

Ranma12457d ago (Edited 2457d ago )

great review. another fail game from square enix.

i hope these reviews affect the sales of ff13-2 and SE change their ways.

the true fan wont accept a easy cash in like this.

Tanir2457d ago

lol stfu ranma, ur the biggest ff13 troll besides white lightning

BillytheAlien2457d ago (Edited 2457d ago )

LOL yourself Tanir

Your the biggest FF13 fanboy on this site, sorry I think iamtehpwn could be the winner but I'm not quite sure.

You constantly troll FF13 articles, bashing anyone who says something negative about it, even though most of the time people speak the truth.

Your part of the minority of people who like FF13....rember that.

brish2456d ago

"i hope these reviews affect the sales of ff13-2 and SE change their ways."

Final Fantasy XIII-2 is currently the top selling game for the ps3 on amazon.

Troll-without-Bridge2457d ago

If you read the review you'd see an incompetent reviewer who has his priorities mixed up and can't even figure out how a simple Jump mechanic works.

Do you really want to associate yourself with such a person?

ftwrthtx2457d ago

The score is a surprise since the game is coming from SE.

richierich2457d ago

Why are you surprised? they havent made a good game in years

Marcello2457d ago

You are mistaken Rich, they have never made a good game.

No surprise here that this game sux.

Marcello2457d ago

Blimey so many disagrees ?? ok name me one good game from SE ??

TheGreenMan2457d ago

@ Marlec

DQ VIII says hello...

fluffydelusions2457d ago

FFXIII wasn't a bad game it was just a bad FF game...

Tdmd2457d ago

I, respectfully, disagree: it wasn't just a bad FF game, it was a really bad game made especially bad due to high expectations.

alexcosborn2457d ago

That's a shame. It looks like the dev team over there isn't what it once was...

iamtehpwn2457d ago

I wonder what the other reviews are going to be like after the Embargo is lifted on Saturday. IGN is also posting their review tomorrow, as they have it exclusive first review in the West....This may get interesting. But low, high, or average scores, there will be a large argument about it on N4G no matter what.

decimalator2457d ago

And...cue the shit storm.

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The story is too old to be commented.