The Witcher 2 dated for Xbox 360; new details

TVGB: "As promised earlier in the week, developer CD Projekt has tagged the upcoming Xbox 360 version of its praised fantasy RPG, The Witcher 2: Assassins of Kings, with a solid release date."

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NYC_Gamer2458d ago (Edited 2458d ago )

its good that 360 only owners will get to experience this masterpiece.maybe CDProjekt will bless PS3 only users soon.

MariaHelFutura2458d ago

I'm not waiting for a PS3 version, I'm buying this for the 360. I'm excited, I've heard great things.

Convas2458d ago (Edited 2458d ago )

This^. Between Darksiders II and The Witcher 2, my fantasy needs will be sated for quite some time.

Getowned2457d ago

lol I got the steam version of the witcher 1 for 4$ and the second one for like 14$.Steam FTW!

C_Menz2458d ago

No PS3 version, the developers don't have a large enough team or the resources to develop for the PS3. They are entirely a PC dev team and would have to hire someone to either port it or hire more people who have worked on the ps3 before.

The only reason why they are bringing it to the 360 and not the PS3 is that the 360 is very similar to a PC game development wise. However even with this it is taking them quite a long time to do so since initially The Witcher 2 was built for PC in mind.

caboose322458d ago

Yea, it has literally taken them a year to port and make the xbox version. Just imagine how much longer it would take for a ps3 version.

Angrymorgan2458d ago

Shame no ps3 version:(
About time 360 got a decent semi-exclusive tho to be fair.

Bigpappy2458d ago

There were some obstacles, like publishing rights that had to be resolved and only were this month. It is also not a simple port, hence "Enhanced edition".

caboose322458d ago


All CD Projekt games get renamed "Enhanced Edition" after a while. It's nothing really that special.

C_Menz2458d ago

The enhanced edition is the same as the current PC version of the game. When the 2.0 update for the game was released(free Dlc basically for those who already owned it) they added in a lot of features and reworked parts of the game.

EVILDEAD3602458d ago

'The enhanced edition is the same as the current PC version of the game.'


The Witcher 2: Enhanced Edition launches worldwide for Xbox 360 on 17th April, developer CD Projekt has announced.

The developer has added a raft of new features and insists it's the "most polished and definitive version of the game".

Here's a summary of what you can expect from the console release:

New CGI intro sequence
33 minutes of new cinematics
Four additional hours of gameplay
Two new adventures
New characters
New locations
Revamped intelligent camera system
New target locking system
Improved Character Panel
New panels navigation bar
More responsive control system

Sounds like this is clearly NOT the same version as the PC and not some simple port.

Look to me like CD Projekt is calling it the best version thus far.

Either way I love the fact that it's coming in April. That will give us 360 gamers a chance to finish Elder Scrolls and Mass Effect.

Not to mention Final Fantasy as well.

This is going to be a great year.


DigitalRaptor2458d ago

@ ED360.

You could be right, but I really don't see the point in this. Why wouldn't CD Projekt bring out all these extra updates from the 360 version, to the PC version? It only irritates us guys who bought this on PC MONTHS before 360 fans, who might or might not have an interest. Just doesn't really make sense why they would deprive their #1 focus (PC gamers).

EVILDEAD3602458d ago (Edited 2458d ago )

@ Digital Raptor

Why would PC gamers be mad? They have already enjoyed the game and praised it to high heaven.

Why would they care if another version is released, when those same PC gamers can rebuy it on console if they'd like.

All we ever hear from PC gamers is that console games suck in comparison anyway.

I salute CD Projekt for not developing a half @ss port and ensuring the games controls at least are tweaked properly for the 360.

Theyve already described this game as an adaption and not a true port.

The PS3 got a Mass Effect 2 on the new engine a year after and no one was angry or mad that version wasnt re-released for the 360.

Why wouldn't 360 gamers have an 'interest' they are as huge of RPG fans as anybody else. Look no further than the sales of franchises like Fallout or Elder Scrolls or Fable.

Definately on my must-buy list after hearing how ridiculously good it is.


C_Menz2457d ago

Evil dead.... He is referring to if they add in bonus missions, cut scenes, quests etc.... Although if they do they will most likely release a patch for PC since they are one of the developers that don't nickel and dime their customers.

I don't care that they are releasing it on the 360 and I doubt anyone else is too. But if they release the 'best' version on the 360 content wise then that will be a slap in the face to their PC fan base who praises the game everytime possible. Just will show the fan base they are going down the road of shafting PC gamers in favor of laziness of releasing less content on PC

I hope it isn't the case and I doubt it'll be like this, but you never know.

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Stealth2k2458d ago

thanks but no thanks. The game is pretty generic and a poor excuse for a elder scrolls clone.

I am spending my money on 3 completely different concepts.

devil survivor 2, suikoden VI, and shining force psp

BrutallyBlunt2458d ago

Then why comment? Oh i see, you're down to 1 bubble and still have no idea why.

Game is amazing on the PC, glad its getting more exposure.

BlmThug2458d ago

You sir/madam, fail at life

fooxy2458d ago

Actually game is not a simple port as somebody stated above, please go and red the details, they adding new interface, cut scenes, lengthy tutorial and some missions if im not mistaken...

PCgamer4ever2458d ago

Best fantasy RPG in this generation of gaming.Dark Edition for me

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