Worldwide Hardware and Software sales for the week ending December 8, 2007

Console Weekly Total Total sales
DS 1,440,403 (-) 59,510,796
Wii 691,329 (-) 16,286,831
PSP 439,846 (-) 27,776,383
PS3 417,534 (-) 7,194,575
X360 414,159 (-) 14,558,327
PS2 384,241 (-) 113,332,506
GBA 62,687 (-) 79,291,039

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TANOD5410d ago (Edited 5410d ago )

since GT5 has been released in Japan and it would undoubtedly boost HW sales

PLUS sales of PS3 in EU will also rise significantly. same goes to US

However as for x360 it would only be NA where it would excel and it would be beaten by massive(even bigger) margins by the ps3 in EU and JAPAN

rushbd5410d ago

Ps3 actually outsold xbox 360 for two weeks in a row according to VGChartz. !!!

week ending 1st december(worldwide):

PS3 368,482
Xbox 360 365,265

waitbeyond5410d ago

the 360 will hit 24 million userbase and then stop growing. the PS3 has a 120 million+ userbase to sell to.

1) It took PS2 only 10 weeks to achieved the same volume that the PS3 did in 57 weeks.
2) I'm a fan of PS2 (150+ games) but it doesn't mean I am loyal to PS3.
3)Of that 120 million + userbase, how many will be disappointed when they found out their PS3 are not bc with their collection of PS2 games.

sonarus5410d ago

ps3 offers the most backward compatibilty of all the 3 consoles. 60gb can still be found if you look hard enough plus you prob still have your ps2. So wats ur backward compatibility point again??? ur jst a hater, a ps3 hater at that maybe one of sony execs hurt ur feelings or sumthin lol. some of you take this way to seriously

Genuine5410d ago

Your by far one of the most pitiful souls on this website. Your like a crackhead desperately looking for loose ps3 sales lost in the sofa.

mistertwoturbo5410d ago

wow never expected a PS2 owner to hate the PS3. looks like you deserve a PS2. infact, go out and buy yourself a 360. you'll be very happy once MGS4, GT5, God of War III, Socom, FFXIII comes out.

sirjonofun25410d ago (Edited 5410d ago )

the same arguments every day

The Brave 15410d ago

Microsoft said last week that already sold 1 million units of mass effect?They r overstating the facts.just like they say they sold 14 million xbox360s,without stating the fact that probably about 2 to 3 miliion are people buying them again because the crappy hardware.

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FirstknighT5410d ago

Whoa, the 360 better get their act together because if this keeps up....the ps3 will catch up in the year 2056.

TANOD5410d ago

yea 2008 isnt far off


TheMART5410d ago

Tanod, really

How do you expect to catch up with 8 million 360's more out there?
You know the PS3 then have to outsell the 360 with about 340k a month for a straight 2 years long.

Won't happen. The PS3 just had its peak again with the pricedrop. MS will have the 360 dropped in price also. I bet they'll even hit with the hammer just before Christmas if they want to do major damage to the PS3.

Wasn't the PS3 supposed to outsell the 360 from it's launch??? We're a year later now and it's just about on par world wide. While the 360 is ahead 8 million units. mmhhhhhh

TANOD5410d ago (Edited 5410d ago )

what made you think that ps3 sales will not double in 2008 with KZ2,RESISTANCE 2,MOTORSTORM 2, GT5,MGS4 and FF13.

The ps3 didnt have a price drop

The price drop took effect in October. the 60gig was slashed to 499$ . the 80 gig became the 60gig in NOVEMBER since the 60gigs were sold out.

400$ 40 gig ps3 was a new addition.

The ps3 has outsold x360 in WW sales for most part after its launch

HarryEtTubMan5410d ago (Edited 5410d ago )

They arent gonna be this close for that much longer... I have both consoles and I dont want the 360 to fail and I want it to succeed as the Hardcare machine it is. I want it to outsell the Original Xbox by alot(even though I don't see it going past double of last generation....50 million. I doubt even that... is this is all it can sale after Bioshock, Halo and MASS EFFECT RIGHT IN A ROW.... this is the biggest 3 games IN A ROW this close together.... that will ever be on the 360. Halo is really what sums up the 360(unfortunately). Owning a PS3 also I just know it wont win. This PS3 is soooo much more functional, pretty, innovative, diverse, beautiful, quiet, reliable, futureproof, valuable for your money, high tech, exciting, deserving(Screw the RROD...Blu ray and Cell are impressive and the games they are making....not 4 360 Sci Fi AAA games) I blevie 2008 is really gonna do it for the PS3. No wait. We all KNOW IT IS. But guesse what? In reality it doesnt have to DESTROY thre competition in 2008 to win... as long as the gap doesnt keep growing. And honestly, PS3 isnt even close to half way through its life. By the end of 2007 the PS3 will have sold over 8 million. Easy. If it just so,d as good as this year for the next 9 years Sony would sale 80 million consoles...but guess what... its gonna sale ALOT more than only 7-8 million in most of those years. Althogh it may not break the PS2's record(although it might we dont know) it's safe to say that the PS3 will EASILY break 100 million consoles again. The PS1 only sold 3.5 million in its first year and went on to sell 110 million. The PS3 has sold 7-8 million in its first. The PS2 sold 10 million in its first. PS3 is on the road to victory.

And the PS3 is gonna have quite a few more million sellers by early 2008.. Ratchet sales boosted alot this month... Uncharted will do it. COD4 and AC...wARHAWK AND hEAVENLY sWORD ARE more than halfway there.

haha theMART you are uneducated and sound ignorant. The PS3 is already 150$ more expensive with only its first years games library...still alot of good games though. Realize theMART... THAT THE XBOX is NOT A PLAYSTATION 3. PEOPLE WANT THE PLAYSTATOIN 3... AND U WILL FIGURE THIS OUT MORE AND MORE AS THE YEARS PASS AND PRICE DROPS WITH ALL THE AWESOME GAMES? Micrsoft already said they couldnt drop prices but instead bundled 2 FREE GAMES. They STILL COULLDNT WIN. They ARENT SONY. AND WILL NEVER BE NO MATTER HOW MUCH THEY WISH HAHAHAHA. PS3 ISNT JUST GONNA WIN. THE ARE GONNA CRUSH THE JUNKBOX., Watch u are gonna see the 360 sales even sart declining as the PS3 sales continue to rise.... JUST AS THE ANALYTS SAID. I cant wait for the Playstatoin Network in 2008. The SONY CEo said that it would speciafially COMPETE WITH XBOX LIVE AND iTUNES. Sony is ready to go to war my friend. You don't want to go up against Sony in a long marathon because you will be RAPED TO THE CORE. PSN is gonna have PS HOME, IN GAME MESSAGING ,CHAT, INVITES AND EVERYTHING NEXT YEAR HAHAHA. DOWNLOADABLE MOVIES AND EVEN MUSIC IN MP3 FORMAT. Sony is in this thing for the win. I hopw u understand they just destroyed Microsofts November... Sony doesnt have to be doing this well already to still win, Microsft REALLY needs to keep increasing that gap. ITS NEVER GONNA HAPPEN AGAIN. HAHA

Watkins5410d ago

8 million is NADA compared to the 100+++ million the PS2 has sold. We'll see

The_Engineer5410d ago

firstknight and mart dont realize is that the 360 will hit 24 million userbase and then stop growing. the PS3 has a 120 million+ userbase to sell to. Where is 360 expanding it's market?? it's already behind the wii in total sales, and that's cause it's a cheap toy. If we've seen such a massive upsurge in sales now that the Ps3 has hit $399, what do you think will happen when it hits $299?? that's right xbot, GAME OVER for MS.

despite all your dreams and delusions the 360 is selling to the same people the first one did. Once it hits that magic 24 mil number it will run out of gas. The first one did and this one will too. I have history and fact backing me up, what do you have? speculation?? lmao

darx5410d ago

How many of the 120+ are now playing Nintendo Wii's and do not own a PS3?...I know a few. Also I was part of that 120+ install base(before trading in for X-Box games)and I don't own a PS3.

I'm sorry but those 120+ million arguments/theories really don't hold any water.

Genuine5410d ago

You sony fanatics never cease to astound me with your twisted irrational train of thought.

SmokeyMcBear5410d ago

ahhh... pretty funny really.. you know with the ps3 having NOOOOOOOOOOOO games.. like none at all.. no AAA games, no games anybody wants, no games that are selling well... yet... it still beats the 360 in worldwide sales. Hmmmm.. no let me think.. what will happen when there are games that people want.. that people have been waiting for... hmmmm lets see.. metal gear solid 4.... final fantasy 13.... Gran Turismo 5.... multi million seller franchises... i wonder what will happen then.. hmmmm

CrashSharc5410d ago

360 already had its price drop with its Arcade sku, if the 40GB PS3 counts as a price drop that is. Either way, Don't count on MS dropping its price too soon. They aren't stupid. They just can't build quality hardware, but they are still cuthroat and smart...

WilliamRLBaker5409d ago

is that they actually have a job in the industry (laughs hard) and know any thing about the this guy actually thinks he makes

and hes calling others idiots? lol

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X_GAMER_X5410d ago

Arnt ya a little tored of wating..
Wait 2006 then wait 2007 and now wait 2008.
just enjot the console And shut up.
You look like fools when u say that.

I dont know what devolopers will think.
All Ps3 exclusive havnt sold 600K ??
Uncharted, HS, Liar, Warhawk. Alot of money was waste here.
What do u think devolopers will think about that ha?
Do the math..Money counts

TANOD5410d ago

RATCHET at 500k

Uncharted at 320k

HS at 600k

LAIR flopped

WARHAWK also sold 500k

all these in terms of WW sales

The_Engineer5410d ago

all these titles will each sell at least 2 million copies over the next year, as more people buy PS3's the attach rate will go up dramatically. It's the law of averages, once a phenomenom like Final Fantasy comes it will make 360 attach rates look like a joke, not to mention first day sales. All in all all these flamewars on here and everywhere else on the net are pretty pointless for the first two to three years of this generation. That's how long it will take to see just who is pulling ahead. Xbots that brag about the current 360 userbase act as if the one for the first xbox wasn't EASILY double what it is now. IF AND WHEN the 360 passes last generations numbers wake me up and tell me the story, until then those acting like the war is already won only make themselves look like ignorant 5 year olds. THE TRUTH of the matter is, Sony and the Playstation ARE A GLOBAL brand while MS and the xbox are not. Try as hard as they may, ultimately their ABYSMAL sales numbers in Japan and somewhat better but still soft numbers in Europe prove this to be all too true. With that being said the only thing the Ps3 is competing with is it's pricepoint. Once that comes down to mass market levels every xbot from here to Redmond's jaw will drop at how fast the numbers will shoot up. Personally I believe Sony purposely started slow out of the gate to see who their real allies and enemies are. The xbots have definitely revealed their true colors and come out of the woodwork this time around. Now that Sony has taken off the disguise of a once great market leader who has fumbled the ball and is starting to show their selling power when they get down to business you are starting to see alot of yellow bellies sing a VERY DIFFERENT tune about the PS3. You can see the change in attitude at KOtaku,IGN,Gamespot and so on. They KNOW, just like Bungie,Bioware,Rare and every other developer who will eventually end up ditching the MS party train if they haven't done so already. It's only a matter of time, once PS3 leads the market again all these dumb fanboy arguments will die down and we can all go back to playing beyond once again.

X_GAMER_X5410d ago

And you that is good dont ya..
There are exclusive. Not multi. Should sell more.
GOW sold 4 mill.
Halo 4 Mill.
Bioshock sold good.
Mass effect is gonna sell more.

Im not against any console but you have to look at the facts here.
games cost money. But we dont know how this will effect the devoloper.

Lets say I make A car for one million and you sell that car for me for just 500,000..How do u think that will make me feel?

Like I said..Money counts

TANOD5410d ago


MOTORSTORM sold 2m too

AC and COD 4 will reach 1m each next week as well

Uncharted,r7C wil also reach million copies in their lifetime

Multigamer5410d ago

face it tanod, the ps3 is not going to pass 360 total install base for a very long time if that, grow up, get ur dummy out of ur mouth and buy a 360 sucker

Genuine5410d ago

Your right Multigamer and anyone who passed 4th grade math knows it.

Just take his bubbles, and like his other 3 accounts, he'll be down to 1 again soon enough.