The Witcher 2 Enhanced Edition, Dark Edition boxart, screenshots

The Witcher 2 Enhanced Edition, Dark Edition boxart, and new screenshots for Xbox 360 has been revealed.

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Hellsvacancy2729d ago

This would be the 1 game id buy a 360 for just to play (not that im goin to) "buy a PC and get the better experiance" i can buy a 360 Slim for £50 if i want so spendin £400+ on a PC is a no no, im no graphic whore, im hapy with second best

Does anyone HONESTLY think The Witcher 2 will ever be on the PS3? it really looks like summin id enjoy playin, i guess i could borrow my mates 360 and rent The Witcher 2, that wont be so bad

Clayman2729d ago

I don't think so. But the witcher 3 most probably will. I'll pick this up for 360 day one.

NYC_Gamer2729d ago

the Witcher 2 could land on the PS3 just much later.

bozebo2729d ago (Edited 2729d ago )

3 won't be on PS3 because the PS4 will be out by then :P

And I severely doubt 2 will be on the PS3 because CDPR don't have as much expertise in OpenGL (it's a DirectX game) and it would be a huge amount of work for the graphics API and balancing workload across the Cell (most of the game's processing is graphical though, but it's not deferred rendering like most console games so offsetting post processing won't make as much of a difference)

TW1/2 is one of those games that simply looks better on PC and there are no other benefits (like mouse aiming, free online, dedi servers, mods etc. because they don't apply). It will probably be the best looking console game to date, though at times the lowered texture resolution will be lower than on some PS3 titles and it could be noticable.