NCsoft files trade secrets and unfair competition lawsuit against TERA developers

MMOCulture has just announced that NCsoft has filed a trade secrets and unfair competition lawsuit against TERA developers...

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Vladplaya2546d ago

Ahh screw it, the game was suppose to be pay to play anyways, Guild Wars 2, here I come!

Tanir2546d ago

sooooo the game looks amazing, duh would be better free, but still the combat, world and graphics are amazing. i like realtime combat over hotkey combat anyday, tho GW2 looks like the best hotkey mmo yet

Spinal2546d ago

An MMO without talent tables will be Dead on Arrival. Everyone with the same class will have the same moves no indivual differences? Lool that is Dead. Tera wont garner the success that swtor got or that GW2 will get. Trust me tera is gonna go free to play due to a lack of subs.

Vladplaya2546d ago (Edited 2546d ago )

GW2 will not be 100% hotkey combat, the direction you are attacking from is pretty important, so it will be to your benefit to maneuver your character in best position for certain attacks on different enemies.

And I agree with comment above, I am pretty sure if TERA will be released in US, it will not last very long as P2P game, as good as it looks there are better options on the market.

Kellexx2546d ago

Tera has glyphs, which tweak abilities in the same way as talents. Maybe you should look it up.

tubers2546d ago

Man.. that would suck if true.

I can imagine a trusted group of people working with your project suddenly quitting from your original group only to be greedy and make a new and improved version of your previous project but then cut you off completely from profits xD

Oh well.

Hopefully justice prevails.