Preview: Resident Evil Revelations is a Return to the Series’ Roots

Resident Evil Revelations manages to mix classic Resident Evil gameplay with the more action oriented play of recent titles in the franchise.

Graphically It's also amazing looking.

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xhedleyx2458d ago

I haven't played a Resident Evil title in awhile either. 5 sort of turned me off the series, but after reading this, I may just pick Revelations up.

TheSleepyGamer2458d ago

If I actually bothered with hand held gaming devices I'd definitely be giving Revelations a try. Just a shame that stuff like this doesn't seem to make it to consoles or PC.

klecser2458d ago

Yep, handheld gaming is a real "shame.". It's a shame that some people have work or home situations that don't allow them to game on PCs or consoles. We shouldn't "count" as gamers because we don't game in the ways you like to, right?

Maybe an extreme reaction, but your post isn't very considerate.

TheSleepyGamer2458d ago (Edited 2458d ago )

I was simply saying that it was a 'shame' that this genre is usually only seen on handheld devices anymore. I wasn't trying to suggest that consoles or PC were superior...

I will admit that "If I actually bothered with hand held gaming devices" weren't the best choice of words though. Merely saying that I don't choose to game on those devices.