TGS 06: Record-breaking year!

This year's Tokyo Game Show is going to house more playable games than ever before; with 573 games making an appearance. Who says we need E3?

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f1r3waII K1LL3r5862d ago

How can people keep posting the same information and it get accepted. But when I send something new and meaningful they dont, god I hate when that happens.

Islandkiwi5862d ago

Anyone know why Nintendo doesn't attend this every year? Seems like it's right in their backyard.

TheMART5861d ago

Yeah it's strange. It seems after the update of the site, more and more times the same news get's posted.

Before that it wasn't that often. I mean ofcourse, it is impossible to remember all that has been posted especially when it's in just a different form.

But site admins, sometimes the same news article is on the same page, if not one after it. Don't know about this story though, can remember I read it already but not how many days ago