Fallout 3: The Underrated Sequel

Pixels or Death's Henry McMunn explores why Fallout 3 might just be the strongest entry in the series - regardless of what naysayers proclaim.

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dedicatedtogamers2455d ago

Um, if anything Fallout 3 is OVERrated. Fans of the entire series (not just kids who started with Fallout 3) actually prefer Fallout: New Vegss because it sticks much closer to the moral ambiguity of the first two games.

dougr2455d ago

Hated Fallout New: Vegas when compared to Fallout 3. I thought Fallout 3 was just much more awe inspiring compared to New Vegas. Sure there were better elements as far as perks and weapons go, but the setting of Fallout 3 was awe inspiring and really felt more like post apocalyptic times. New Vegas to me was a giant let down after Fallout 3 when it came to environment which for these games is the most important thing in my opinion.

MasterD9192455d ago

Have to agree with you there...I bought FO3 on release day, played over 300+ hours (with all the DLC and new games) and still could play it today. FO3 has the better DLC as well.

New Vegas seemed like it was great in certain places and lacking in others. Could have been better frankly but was still enjoyable for the most part.

I'm still a fan of both but FO3 blew me away when I played it...