GameZone Roundtable: Are you excited for Resident Evil 6?

The GameZone staff weighs in on Resident Evil 6.

GameZone writes, "After watching the trailer, many people felt different things. Some experienced excitement with seeing Leon Kennedy back in the fray, while others felt disappointmented that their favorite survival horror series has turned into a full action game. So the question is..."

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TheSanchezDavid2455d ago

I actually do want to play this, but the trailer didn't exactly leave me in awe.

NeXXXuS2455d ago

I'm only gonna be interested in this game if Shinji Mikami is involved with it.

Darth Gamer2455d ago

Yep' I will be buying it but I am also not going to think of it as a Resident Evil game. That series died long ago for me.

Plagasx2455d ago

That Giraffe................CAN NOT UNSEE!

DemonStration2454d ago

If Revelations is any indication, this could end up being a return to form. Trailer seemed ridiculous though.