8.7 Ace Combat Assault Horizon Legacy - 3DS Review

"If I were to ask you to name off five 3DS titles that truly capture a feeling of immersion, would you have trouble? How would you do if I then said you can only reference third-party titles? Based on my own experience with this little test, I get the feeling most would be hard-pressed to come up with five different games. The fact is we've had a recent string of merely decent releases that aren't exactly proving the 3DS' sustainability in the market. Some titles have managed to get away with it in the name of solid gameplay, but as a whole, some developers don't seem to be on the same page as Nintendo and their vision of having deeper, immersive experiences from the very beginning. However, one title that is on the brink of fully realizing just what Nintendo has been gunning for is Ace Combat Assault Horizon Legacy." --

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