Ghost Recon: Future Soldier Preview (GodisaGeek)

GodisaGeek: "I am always sceptical when a new shooter comes onto the scene, and as far as I’m concerned, that’s through no fault of my own. First Person Shooters have come bursting onto through the gaming scene as of late, bringing with them an audience that claim the latest CoD is the greatest thing to grace our consoles.

And that’s because those games very rarely create a sense of community, or a feeling of belonging that a good MMO or multiplayer platformer does. In a FPS title your team is expendable, or worse still will insufferably baby you through levels, online modes promote run and gun solo gameplay, no matter how many people you’re teamed with.

With Future Soldier, we have one of those rare moments where a game – or more specifically a development team – has put its foot down. Ubisoft has recognised this flaw and said ‘No!’ They have twisted the genre to change the solo mentality it sells."

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Dlacy13g2457d ago

nice preview...but one thing I wish is that people would stop calling this game an FPS. GR:FS is a 3rd person shooter... period, end of story. Just like GRAW 1&2 were.