Will Metal Gear Solid 4 and Metal Gear Online really be one package?

While the cover of the new issue of PlayStation: The Offical Magazine "confirms" MGS4 and Metal Gear Online will be sold together, the actual text in the article contradicts this. Could Konami be trying to pull a fast one?

Gaming Target also speculates that if the "full version" of MGO is included with MGS4 then gamers may have to purchase most of the game's content piecemeal as downloadable content.

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The 3rd Place4738d ago (Edited 4738d ago )

Uncharted and Ratchet proved that system sellers can only move 400,000 units on PS3. So to reduce their losses Konami will sell these two games seperately. Then work on the 360 version that will sell about 3.5 million.

Winter47th4738d ago (Edited 4738d ago )

I recall some news a while ago that AC sold more on the PS3 than 360 worldwide, and it's not even a system seller.

and you should get out of the happy troll cave more often, boy.

As for the news, I was already planning to just buy MGO since MP's more my thing, but this's great and kudos to Konami.

The 3rd Place4738d ago

Assassins Creed sold more copies on the 360.

X360: 980,000
PS3: 376.843

Hapimeses4738d ago (Edited 4738d ago )

That's only the US sales, not the worldwide sales.

Edit: Who's the misinformed chappy who's disagreeing here? Show yourself, oh phantom disagreer, and explain your mysterious antics!

ravinash4738d ago

But remember, this is metal gear...that along with GT will do amazing things for the PS3 sales.
These are the game that people are waiting for and one of the many reasons I got my PS3.
If you want to sit around waiting for Metal gear to come out on 360, then thats your loss.

Killjoy30004738d ago (Edited 4738d ago )

youre such a f#cking idiot.
yea youre right on that one man mgs, a playstation classic will sell more on 360. yeah ok its not even possible on 360 bud. thats like me saying halo should be on ps2. it just doesnt work especially the specs.

Tyler Durden4738d ago

well actually belive it or not Halo was meant to be on the ps2 with rockstar as the publisher look at where it says other compaies that have developed for rockstar games

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navig8or4738d ago

I'm sorry if some people think that MGS4 is a niche title, they are wrong, I know it, You know it, Kojima knows it, MGS4 will be insanely brilliant, deal with it, if you only have XBOX360, come June/July you are going to have a very empty feeling inside, you know it's true, join the NEXTGEN.

THE_JUDGE4738d ago

I don't care if it comes bundled or not. I will own MGS 4 the day it drops. This game will make new fans and anyone who likes MGS will no doubt be all over this one.

chrno64738d ago

Seriously I get fed up with the bots saying that this game is comming to 360. It won't period. Stop giving urself false hope.

hOoDnErD4738d ago

This game is gonna do numbers, it has a huge fan base. PS2 owners will buy a PS3 just for this title only!! Why hate!!

navig8or4738d ago

I have meny friends who play games a LOT!!! All of them are hyped for Metal Gear Solid 4, every one, if anyone says this will not shift PS3's then they are deluding themselves, this will be the "MUST OWN GAME" of this generation.

hOoDnErD4738d ago

I can agree with that!!

Capt CHAOS4738d ago

The last one I played on the PS2, just around the time the original xbox came out bored me..

Staircase4738d ago (Edited 4738d ago )

Metal Gear Solid 2 was a pretty hardcore MGS, that you really had to have played the original Metal Gear Solid to appreciate. I think that MGS4 will be directed at a more general audience, rather than the hardcore MGS fans MGS 1, 2, and 3 appealed to.

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