Mafia III in the Works?

Could 2K be hiring for the next game of the series?

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core_52461d ago

old .. this was posted about 1 year ago

SKUD2461d ago

One of the few games I'm actually looking forward too. Mafia II was an awesome game. Great sound track also.

Diver2461d ago

great sound, hollywood worthy script, best car handling ever, great shooting mechanics, believable characters. bring it.

pr0digyZA2461d ago

I enjoy the mafia series, so more is always welcome. Hopefully the next one doesn't take as long to make.

NYC_Gamer2461d ago

i thought the original mafia was just miles better than part 2.

t0mmyb0y2461d ago

I agree. 2 was tons of fun, but there was just something about Mafia. One of my fav story lines of all time.

JTX2461d ago

Agreed. Wish they woukd put it on psn or da an hd remake.