More Ghost Recon Future Soldier details revealed

Ubisoft forum community manager has just posted up a preview of Ghost Recon Future Soldier and offers up some more details about the forthcoming shooter.

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MrGunny942482d ago

The more i hear the more i like actually! I'm a huge fan of Ghost Recon, especially the first ones when it was still a First Person Shooter!

Glad to knnow that my KINECT will get some action on this and Mass Effect 3!

Hope the delays worth it Ubisoft!

Chnswdchldrn2482d ago

Fuck this game and fuck ubisoft for shitting on their PC fanbase.

No I don't want a F2P version of this game, I want to pay 60 bucks for what everyone else is fucking getting; story and multiplayer

caboose322482d ago

They are releasing the full game as well as the F2P game for PC.....

haggishurler2482d ago

The game you are talking about is a separate game