Ghost Recon Director: Kinect vs Controller Like "Inflatable Doll" vs a Woman

SPOnG: "Adrian Lacey is the IP Director for Ghost Recon Future Soldier. We have a large and fulfiilling interview with him in the pipes, to be released in the next hour. However, to tempt you along, check out this peach of a quote.

We asked Adrian, "Will Kinect ever replace a tactile controller?"

And POW! He responded, "Well... that’s like asking whether an inflatable doll replaces a woman.""

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MariaHelFutura2458d ago (Edited 2458d ago )


ZippyZapper2458d ago

Gaming isn't like a woman or love doll because it isn't real. Comparing real physical and virtual is just stupid.

MaxXAttaxX2458d ago

He has a preference for anything not-Sony.
So something anti-Kinect is somehow also anti-Xbox 360.
This may explain his sensitivity to the subject no matter how hilariously true the analogy may be.
The fact that he didn't get it makes it slightly funnier too.

BrutallyBlunt2458d ago

Taking what he said out of context is just as stupid. It was a joke, learn the difference. People still like holding tangible things which is why Kinect isn't aimed at replacing a standard controller. It offers a different experience but he is implying its not trying to take away what we are all familiar with. With that said I'm not too sure if everyone here on N4G has actually had a woman.

MaxXAttaxX2458d ago

Yeah it was taken somewhat out of context.
But it's true. No need to be so sensitive.

It's like an inflatable doll in the sense that you're only "pretending" to have control with Kinect but in reality you have a lot less.

Chnswdchldrn2458d ago (Edited 2458d ago )

"Well, that's like asking if a single girl will replace 30 VIRGIN girls at once."

No stds here pal

LoLZoRz2458d ago

i'd rather not get STD.

so i'll stick to a controller.

cstyle2458d ago

I like the way the journalist totally twisted what was really said.

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