Intel's pitch for next, next-gen

Intel, the company responsible for the majority of processors used in desktop PCs, has spoken to Sony, Microsoft and Nintendo about what chips might power the next round of consoles.

According to a report in Business Week the company, trumped this time around by IBM, is keen not to miss out on the market next time around, and has already been touting the possibilities that its latest hardware might bring to the table.

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Multigamer4738d ago

we have hardly got into this gen and weer already talking about next gen, dam

bung tickler4738d ago (Edited 4738d ago )

Didn't Intel and nVidia Fvck M$'s on the original xbox buy not allowing them to put thier chips into the 360 for backwords compatability? Thats why M$ had to implement software emulation thus offering far less than 100% BC? If so why would M$ want to go with a company that burned them before? And isnt Sony invested in is "Super Computer" chip the CELL? Why would they go with Intel? The only thing I can think of is Sony will realize the CELL is a bad choice for gameing, but they wont, too arrogant. As far as nintendo goes they will probably go with thier own original NES hardware (8-bit FTW) for "next next-gen" but offer a 'full body suit with motion tracking' and all the old/dumb/hippy/8yr-old people will come running, buy one game and the leave it in the closet.

Capt CHAOS4738d ago

The chip was too expensive because of how the costing was worked out.
As far as Intel compatibility is concerned, there's always AMD (and to som extent IBM).
As long as the contract is solid, I think MS (and Sony) would jump into bed with anyone.

And also, please don't refer to the CELL as a super computer, clustering 50 CPUs of any sort would provide some serious computing power, the CELL is a good number cruncher though because of it's pipelining architecture... anyway I'm waffling.. But yes, MS and Sony would bed anyone if the contract was right..

hahahabutt4738d ago

Sony sold thier cell development and research plant to Toshiba like a mounth and a half ago for about 850 million. Sony no longer produces those cell chips, and no longer care for it. Sony could look to Intel if Intel does have something mind blowing to appeal them (which won't happen)

Ju4738d ago (Edited 4738d ago )

I don't think that Sony has abandoned the CELL. They sold a factory and stepped out of the 35nm research. I also think, they see no immediate need to research in the CELL at this time. Given the high investments into the CELL I would assume, they took a step back to consolidate. Who knows where they'll be in two years from now. Would be interesting to know, if they even work on a next-next gen. Given the real long live cycle of the PS3, I would guess not just yet, and these two years might pass until they might even look into it. In two years from now, there might be complete new tech available.

BTW: The funny part is the description how the next-next (Nintendo?) gen might not use "Wii-like motion controllers", but a camera. Right. But then you need to bundle that with a TV which has a build in camera. (Eye[Toy] anyone ?).

For Sony and a next gen PS4 it would make sense to keep BC this time. Emulation is not an option, IMO. So, it would well make sense to base the next gen on current tech, but scale this well. RSX could easily be replace (but needs BC comp shaders ???), and IBM could come up with a new chip as well. Intel is not alone here. I could imagine, though, that the next XBox uses a next gen Core Duo (or what) and Intels vector processors. Nobody knows what Nintendo will do. They always use weird designs anyway...(And Wii/GC could be emulated by those new HW - easier then 360 or/and PS3).

Capt CHAOS4738d ago

uber gen
super gen
ultra gen
the gen after next-gen
next next-gen

You get my drift.. Even the word next-gen makes make me feel ill..

travelguy2k4738d ago

the gen formerly known as next gen

travelguy2k4738d ago

the gen formerly know as next gen

bootsielon4738d ago (Edited 4738d ago )

If console makers decide to throw Backwards Compatibility in the garbage bin. Besides, the "next-gen" they're proposing is "only" 4-times faster than the cell, which is really too little to be considered next-gen. To give you some perspective, Sony intended to put 4-cell processors on the PS3 (so you could consider that either current gen, or somewhere in the middle of current and next, but not next); furthermore, the Cell is 32 times more powerful than the emotion engine. So either Intel is betting the generation will end too early, or they WANT it to end too early so they get a piece of the pie, or they know that the next wave of consoles will not be a big jump from current ones (thanks Nintendo). Or, they don't want to invest too much on cutting edge research for "just consoles". Or, in the worst of the cases, they just don't know what they're talking about since their only product in the console wars wasn't really a gaming dedicated or multimedia dedicated processor, just your typical off the shelf Celeron.

Ju4738d ago

I agree. For next-next gen it better be way way faster then what we know now. I mean, Rambus presented a TB memory bandwidth project - within the live cycle of those machines. Now, these guys just need a CPU which can handle that. Well, for a super cell, that means the EIB could hook up directly to the XDR (no SRAM any more ?) and you could easily scale the number of SPUs. Latencies would be interesting, too, to even save 2nd and 1st (?) level caches.


intel must have something superior to movie hardware, cause sony chose cell cause they use cell to make movies, get out

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