'A Kinect shooter would be horribly boring', says Ghost Recon dev

IncGamers: It wouldn't be possible with the technology as it stands.

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Drekken2459d ago

They could, but pointing your finger at the screen sounds extremely boring and tiring.

Fylus2459d ago

Isn't that essentially ALL Kinect games though one way or another? ;)

ZippyZapper2459d ago

To shoot a "real" gun you have to hold it up and aim it. There is nothing boring about shooting real guns. It is more realistic to hold a gun than it is to use thumbsticks. Nothing better than hitting a real target 500 yards away, or unloading a full clip at a target.

Gamers are getting lazy and fat.

Pintheshadows2459d ago

I always knew when I used my hand as a gun when I was younger it was just like the real thing. /s

Your argument is fundamentally flawed, unless of course you're looking to shoot your TV for real. In that case, do it you lunatic.

na-no-nai2459d ago

Shooting a real gun or rifle is a lot harder to do especially accurately hitting the target; you have to put into account the weight, distance of object, and trigger pull and possibly recoil. Anyone can shoot but can they shoot accurately? Preferrably shooting with a controller is a lot easier and less hassle. Beside you can always shoot a real gun or rifle at the range unless you have your own backyard range. Also games is not real, hardly anyone can accurately shoot 500 yards without a helper and scope. Unless youre a marine whose trained to shoot 600 yards iron sight.

DigitalRaptor2458d ago

AHAHA! Zippy strikes again.

As if you're comparing firing a gun, which is a badass and really exhilarating experience, to holding your arms in front of a TV to play crap games. LOL! Totally comparable dude!

NYC_Gamer2459d ago

it would be on rails with no feeling of real control

EasilyTheBest2459d ago

Have you ever played Kinect?
Check out the Haunt, swap torch for a gun and a little bit of imagination it could be done fine without it being on rails.

soundslike2459d ago

I can also play street fighter with my feet

lorianguy2459d ago

^^This, and actions would be limited. As in throwing a grenade would be difficult to do (and sifferent for Kinect to calculate correctly) without a grenade prop of some description, you would need a gun prop or it wouldn't feel right.

Theres also the fact that twitch moving would be extremely hard to do, meaning games like Call of Duty would lose all fun to them.

However, on the plus side, there would be no 360-snipers :)

Angrymorgan2459d ago

Kinect needs a wii style nuncuck controll stick to have real freedom of movement.

Shadonic2458d ago

Have you not been on the internet in the last 9 months kinect has been done with no on rails by developers and even modders to play things like idk a little game i like to call skyrim. Its possible to make a shooter work with kinect its just harder than the usual apply this command to this button that's been going on since the gaming arcade days. Its really sad to see big companies struggle when one person can tweak some controls with the kinect on another game and make it work better than there kinect games. Sure you have to recognize the fact that you may or may not be holding a weapon depending on if the developers want to add that in but still if you have a compelling story and some nice visuals and action and some good controls than there's nothing stopping you?

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ElliePage2459d ago

The new Ghost Recon already looks horribly boring and ridiculously easy so I don't see what the problem is. They ruined the Ghost Recon franchise by throwing in all of this casual futuristic garbage in the GRAW games and their new one. There hasn't been a good Ghost Recon since GR2.

iamironman2459d ago

i agree that theyre quite easy but i liked advanced warfighter. if you treat them as action games theyre cool.

SoapShoes2459d ago

There are some genres the Kinect just can't do well and shooters is one of them. Kinect excels at party/dance games though and has a few good ones for it.

giovonni2459d ago

I can't agree with you there because there hasn't been a shooter for kinect that' I've seen anyway. Now, I know first person games can be done right because I played a good one with Rise of Nightmares. Most people judged it after five minutes of play, but after really learning the controls, Sega made a blue print that can be followed. With a little imagination it can be done, and done well.

StrongMan2459d ago (Edited 2459d ago )

Rise of Nightmares? Good? The reviews and sales disagrees with you.

Shadonic2458d ago

fighters are also open to kinect also Haunts controls are way better and spot on the only thing i would take from segas controls is the shifting your foot forward to move.

giovonni2458d ago

Here is the issue I find with your statement. Since the sales and review weren't spectacular it makes it a bad game? So what does the sales and reviews of GTAIV tell you? Not one time have you stated your experience with the game. I have played it and put all sales figures and opinions to the side. Sega is by far the best company that showed the creative side of Kinect. I like how they ****spoiler alert**** incorporated the mic to sneak past a certain enemy that roams the mansion. Since the enemy is blind, if you make a sound you are done.
the boss fights weren't to difficult to understand and learn. the only thing that takes time is understanding how to move. Once that's mastered it's one hell of a game to toggle with. Try it with an unbias perception

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