Reckoning dev's biggest concern is you're still playing Skyrim

EuroGamer - The biggest concern at Kingdoms of Amalur: Reckoning developer Big Huge Games right now is you're still playing Skyrim.

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zeal0us2457d ago

Will probably be still playing skyrim if the patch comes out soon. I still want to get this game though. The one thing I like about rpgs, they can last a while if you let them.

Baba19062456d ago

i really want this game now. been playing the demo a lot and cant wait to get it. skyrim was cool too, but i kind of like this cartoony look.

TenSteps2456d ago

Same. It's nice to have a change from what you regularly see.

BitbyDeath2456d ago

Looks like the sort of game which'd benefit from co-op.

blu3print2456d ago

I tried the demo, being my 3rd RPG, 1st was Fallout 3, didn't like it, never finished. 2nd Dragon Age: Origins, currently playing and enjoying. I think that Reckoning is missing something that Origins has and first thing I point my finger at is the musical score.

PetitPiPi2456d ago

You lost me at "Fallout 3, didn't like it".

madjedi2456d ago

Funny i played the demo and was less enthusiastic about it, it seemed very casually oriented, which was a disappointment coming from skyrim to that, but maybe the demo doesn't do the retail game justice.

It felt like a bumped up, psn or live marketplace game to me anyway.

Baba19062456d ago

from what i have seen in videos. the game loooks huuuuge and really hardcore if you want to do everything there is to do. the demo was more about the gameplay system for me.

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