Anti used sales could kill either Xbox 720 or PS4

With rumours abound regarding next generation Xbox having an anti used game feature built into the hardware, it could spell doom for the console if its rivals don't follow suit.

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Titanz2458d ago

It's a feature that "no consoles" should ever implement.

darthv722458d ago

there will ALWAYS be used sales. People will need them for older systems they want to get back catalog games on. Just like there are still record stores for those who want records or tapes.

See a need, fill a need.

MariaHelFutura2458d ago (Edited 2458d ago )

To tell the truth, in the end it would help the industry. All companies are losing lots of $$$ which can be put back into resources from weasel companies like Gamestop (who rip you off BTW). I think what they should do is kill used games and release games cheaper, like $39.99.

@PirateThom (below)

I completely agree.

PirateThom2458d ago

If companies agree to reduce the price of games and, maybe, keep expansions free flowing for a while after release, they might get away with it... however, they want to have it all. $60+ games, paid DLC, paid subs for each game, online passes and no ability to tade in.

SoapShoes2458d ago

I agree it shouldn't be there, but how will it kill it? So I'm guessing they think mobile phones and tablets will take over because of this? Those don't have ANY used games at all.

Thatguy-3102458d ago (Edited 2458d ago )

Well companies make enough money with the sales they get from regular consumers. At the end of the day, sales from used games aren't benefiting them so if they do implement a feature that will kill used games i don't see how they could lose on anything. There are plenty of gamers that are willing to spent there hard earn cash on developers that offer a great gaming experience. I never had bought used games just for the fact that i don't like buying stuff that are already used. I would be for it if this ever sees the light of day.

manman62458d ago

If you can't afford a game when it release, just wait a few month a the price would be lower than 30 dollars.

lilbrat232458d ago

I for one do not buy used games because most of the time it is not worth it. If a game is $60 Gamestop USED price is $54 a Whoooping $5 saved. Thanks but no thanks.

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Solans Scott2458d ago

I guess online passes aren't enough. I really hope this is just speculation and won't come to fruition.

exsturminator012458d ago

Online passes only exist to combat used sales. Those go out the window if there is no used game market.

kma2k2458d ago

your dilusional if you think that for any reason anyone would stop a charge that make them money. They might name it something else to try to stop pepole from being so pissed off about it, but it will still be there. Probably be called "collectors edition" or "ultimate edition" that will include something else that is on the disc that they want you to pay more for. No company would EVER do away with such an easy money grab!

PirateThom2458d ago

Maybe publishers should try to work out why people trade in games, rather than look for ways to stop them doing it...

Pintheshadows2457d ago (Edited 2457d ago )

They trade them because they are finite experiences. They trade them because it is theirs to trade.

I rarely buy used but if I do it's something i'm unsure of. Something I otherwise wouldn't have tried. I doubt removing the used market would help. The likelihood is I just wouldn't bother playing said game at all so they wouldn't be losing or gaining a sale eitherway. Example; Brink for a tenner used. Barely worth it. 8 maps is laughable. Would I of bought it new for 40 or 30 or even 20 quid. No.

If they do get rid of trade ins and used games and sell games new at 30 quid i'll live with it, but i'm not naive. Business doesn't work like that. This is much more likely to to keep prices up and reduce drops as there would be no used market to compete with.

Majin-vegeta2458d ago

Don't f*** with the people who got you to where you are cuz they can easily take you down.

lorianguy2458d ago

Well I'm sure MS and Sony will see that if they implement this technology then they will lose customers to the other side - unless of course they both do it *Scary thought*

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