New Gotham City Impostors Simple Math Trailer and Public Beta

Super heroes and super villains need vacations too, and Gotham City Impostors gives us all a 12 on 12 First Person Shooter style look at what happens when Gotham’s finest caped crusader and his freakishly face painted foe are replaced with Kick-Ass style fill-ins.

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GenerationTheGreat2455d ago

Wow. Um. Just seeing the picture made me think this game would be really stupid, but then watching the video I don't know what to think. It's like they made an FPS out of Toon Town.

It... may have potential. I will probably rent it.

greeneggsnsam2455d ago

A weird idea for a game but i am interested anyway!

BlackTar1872455d ago

games fun. Play the beta on ps3 its int he store

quantumriian2455d ago

I tried the beta when it was closed but connection and lag problems prevented me from playing a full round. Which is a shame because the art and concept are great, it plays like a Batman liscensed team fortress. Hopefully the problems from the closed beta have been worked out.

DA_SHREDDER2455d ago (Edited 2455d ago )

The game is smooth like butter. You probably just have a bad internet connection. I've had no connection issues whatsoever.

BTW, the game is freaking awesome. You wouldn't ever guess this game was decent just by watching vids. Even when you start it up you get the feeling that the game is bootleg, but when the humor kicks in you get it. The game plays like cod, without prone, but its got so many gadgets you don't need to worry about prone.

quantumriian2452d ago

Sorry but if you check out the forums, both connecting to games and "lag" is experienced by many players. Specifically, the "lag" is a complete 1-2 second freeze frame every 30 seconds like clockwork and connecting to games often involves many minutes of waiting followed by a "failed to register match with arbitration server" or something of that effect.

Unfortunately, it seems that the code hasn't been updated between beta stages because the same exact problems are occurring. The only difference is that the volume of players has increased so the time to get into a match is shorter, but I get the same arbitration server error still.