CoD Elite ad setting gamers back 10 years

In the Face Culture's Lance Liebl hates the new Call of Duty Elite ad and breaks down exactly what bothers him about the video.

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BldyShdw2456d ago (Edited 2456d ago )

That's...odd (The video not the guy that is bothered by it)

lorianguy2456d ago (Edited 2456d ago )

So.. from the video I learnt that anyone buying DLC without ELITE is that guy's Grandma...

Heres a good quote from the complainer:

"A map a month for nine months free (with the $50 Elite purchase) or get the four DLC packs for $15 bucks each…here’s why this argument is flawed. You already had all of this DLC planned out to make an extra $60 off of a $60 game. You’re just saying “we’re going to buttfuck your wallet for a couple of seconds less. Lube? No…no lube.” What you’re saying is that we’re crazy if we think these maps are worth buying at the full $60, but $10 less is amazing! So you know your product is worth shit?"

Ducky2456d ago (Edited 2456d ago )

What they're saying is that you're crazy to buy them at the full $60 when you can get them for $50.

i.e. you'd be crazy for taking the more expensive route. It doesn't mean that the price of $60 itself is expensive or an unfair price. This isn't all that different from the 'season pass' that other games have started offering as well.
Now obviously whether the map packs are actually worth the price is up to you to decide.

... and the fact that the DLC was planned doesn't make any difference. The vanilla game comes with 16 maps, which is a decent amount. Its not like they've started cutting content from the base game and selling the peices as DLC.
Most games nowadays have planned DLC anyways.

The ad is saying that you can get all those Elite features along with the map packs for $10 less than just the map packs themselves. It's pretty easy to understand, and the complainer just appears to be purposely trying to look at it negatively.

SixZeroFour2456d ago

the problem here is battlelog and bnet/halo waypoint have the same features for free, so the sub/pass is really just the map pack deal

also, being as im not an elite user, what happens to the maps when your pass is gone? do you keep it or is it only valid as long as you have the pass?

Oschino19072455d ago (Edited 2455d ago )


Honestly find it shocking months after release that those who follow COD articles just to take shots at it mostly have no clue wtf they are going on about and just bashing the game/services out of pure ignorance.

For the 1000th time in a comment section about an ELITE article, ELITE is FREE, it has FREE apps to allow usage on both console and smartphones... Do those companies offer all that... FOR FREE???

Premium membership is great for any half serious COD player and its premium features are things you don't tend to find with any other service not to mention YES you keep any DLC you get through it even after your membership expires... Maybe next time you'll take a few seconds to do some quick reseach rather then just taking a few seconds to make an assinine and ignorant comment.

360GamerFG2456d ago

"How am I supposed to take Call of Duty seriously when it appears they can’t take themselves seriously. How is this the most popular FPS?"
Serious?? Why so serious?? It's a game! It does not need to be serious for it to be serious fun.
Personally I love the ad, I find it hilarious each time I watch it. Lets get off our high horses and just play games.

hazelamy2456d ago

i thought the ad was kinda funny.
i don't care for the games, and consequently this elite thing is of no interest, but this and the recent vet and noob videos were more fun to watch.

maybe that's why i like them, i know the games will never cost me money so i'm not so bothered.