GT Countdown - Top 10 Most Anticipated Games of 2012

What will be the best game of 2012? Have a look-see at our exclusive countdown for the 10 most anticipated games coming out this year.

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kindi_boy2461d ago

Diablo III and The Last Guardian are not on the list... and yet Halo 4 is...

schlanz2461d ago

Awesome list though all around though, and a site like GT couldn't exclude the 360s biggest exclusive of the year.

Glad to see Guild Wars 2 on there. And Bioshock Infinite definitely is worthy of the top spot.

Diablo 3 is by far my most anticipated game next year, I'll be playing that game for years.

h311rais3r2460d ago

And what's wrong with halo 4?

otherZinc2460d ago

You sound ridiculous for saying Halo 4 shouldn't be there! More people will anticipate Halo 4 than most games releasing in 2012: In order:

1. COD:Next
2. GTA 5
3. Halo 4
4. Mass Effect 3
5. Resident Evil 6
6. Assassin's Creed 3
7. Bioshock Infinite
8. MGS Rising
9. Ghost Recon:FS
10.The Last Of Us

That's the order or close to it as far as the overall consumer anticipation. To me, anticipated means I'm buying that day 1!

grailly2460d ago

the list is good, but I think diablo should have been included somehow. personally I would also include borderlands 2.

Did the press see more of tomb raider than us? every site is saying it's shaping up to be masterful from what they saw at E3. I didn't think that what I saw at E3 was that impressive.