Minecraft 1.2 Snapshot 12w04 Available - New Jungle Mob included!

The latest Minecraft 1.2 snapshot is available to download. Snapshot 12w04 contains a brand new mob for the jungle biome! It’s the first mob to be developed by Jon who is Jeb's new side kick.

Please note: Article contains SPOILER

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Pikajew2552d ago

I like the Jeb us actually improving Minecraft and not taking breaks like Notch

SzKiller2552d ago

Agreed. It's good to see that new features are being constantly added.

TheBeast2552d ago

Jeb is the lead developer of Minecraft...Notch isn't anymore, he can take breaks if he feels like it.

deruy3432551d ago

Notch is still the man! He created Minecraft and we owe him that much just for the legacy..