Burnout PS3/Xbox360 comparison

Gamersyde has made a short comparison of the newly released demo. It is not very long so it is really hard to see any difference, if there is any, you decide.

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eagle214737d ago

not much may be better on PS3...we need a better video..

nirwanda4737d ago (Edited 4737d ago )

with the PS3 version is the lead platform it's dragging down all the other versions their is not one bumped mapped texture in the whole game to save on ram and even though there is only one layer of texture on the objects they are really low rez and poor reminds me of most wanted but with a smooth frame rate and good crash physics.

ddldave4737d ago (Edited 4737d ago )

the ps3 has better lighting, color usage, sharper edges, and crisper image. once again, the ps3 has defeated 360 in a multi-plat game, why isn't this a surprise?

mistertwoturbo4737d ago


i could have recalled cliffy b saying "gears of war cant be done on the ps3"

but yet mark rein says "unreal tournament 3 raises the bar beyond gears of war"

and UT3 on PS3 is gettings 9s left and right for great graphics and awesome UT gameplay.

so what is that i hear? which system is dragging which system down? FACT: games made on the PS3 are better on the PS3.

nirwanda4737d ago (Edited 4737d ago )

mark rein is trying to sell the game he makes a living producing everybody knows the UT3 engine run's better on the 360 than PS3 just take a look at all the other dev's making games for both platform's and Mr Reins excuse was that the PSN was more open to mods which has been proven untrue as you can't just mod on the PC and send to the PS3 clearly he didn't fancy competing with halo 3 and cluttered 360 christmas line up.

If the 360 version of UT is not better than the PS3 version graphically I'll be stunned as the engine is very texture heavy which benefits greatly from more v-ram

as for burnout it's still got poor textures and no bump mapping and looks like the poor 360 launch title most wanted

WonderboyIII4737d ago

I am starting to get sick of fanboys. Yes I do beleive they are an esential part of the gaming scene since their existence only relates to basic human characteristic of favoring and grouping, but when you add fanboyism to stubborness and immaturity, the results are disgusting.

1) I do not understand how a crap video like this can show differences. And if there are differences, are they worthy of being even talked about?
2) I own a 360, but if I had some money I will buy the wii, and the ps3 without any hesitation. I owned a ps2 and a Dreamcast, a saturn and a ps1, a snes and a genesis, a nes and a master system. What the hell is wrong with todays generation? Just freaken shut the **** up and play for **** sake.
3)Stop posting these stupid videos and start to look for more genuine gaming news and topics.

*goes off to turn on his Dreamcast and play some vertical shooters while xbox 360 lays resting for some gaming after*

Bring on the games! whatever the **** they are!

Wii60_FTW4736d ago

Eveyone knows Mark is trying to sell the ever-loving SH1T out of UT3, and eveyone knows Gears could NOT be done on PS3. Repeat: Gears can NOT be done on PS3. Gears has more for next-gen shaders (to a n00b, you'd call them "textures" or something) than UT3 does. And because of PS3's ram limitations, Cliffy was correct when he said Gears can not be done on PS3. Just look at how all UE3 games are always delayed on PS3 hardware versus 360 hardware. UE3 was designed for 360. And Gears looks much better than UT3, regardless of how hard Mark tries to trick you into buying his game. Period. And on top of that, Gears 2 will look even better than the original, thus further crushing PS3 into nothing. Stupid fanboy.

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ruibing4737d ago

Unless there will be a distinct difference, I've stopped comparing cross platformers through video captured by some unknown methods and settings.

power of Green 4737d ago

The demo i played on my 360 looks like the PS3 version in this video.

I hate the graphics in this game they're not that great. Hate the color and the reflection and light effects they're systematic effects not realtime, looks like cheap trick.

SL1M DADDY4737d ago

But I DL'd both versions last night and have to say that the PS3 version is a smidge better in terms of lighting and color. That was viewd on the same set at the same time. I have a split screen mode on my HDTV that allows me to view two different sources at one time. While it was not much to write home about, the PS3 version is better looking.

power of Green 4737d ago

If the 360 version ends up looking like this in the video the PS3 version in real life must be almost washed out.
Man and I thought the 360 version in real life was faded and washed out being three shades of powdered green with blue.

HarryEtTubMan4737d ago

DUUH Ignorant fanboy.


PS3 lead SKU = MUCH better port. You cant even tell a difference hardly. This is becoming more of the norm with criterion, Midway, Epic, and soon it will be the norm. Why make a crappy version of a PS3 game when 360 games come out as basically flawless ports. Its better this way for all gamers. This will be the norm by 2009 or 2010...but the 360 will be dead anyways by then with the 360 having 6-7 more years left of life.

sonarus4737d ago

i gotta say i do agree with you visually the game is underwhelming. I was all siked for burnout what was a must buy for me dosent even seem like a maybe anymore. There are two many games coming out nxt yr competing for my wallet and burnout jst moved to the bottom of the list. Really hard to see any significant differences if we could have hd comparisons it would be alot easier

Kr1554737d ago

this game is awsome!! who cares if the grafix arent upto GT standards. Seriously take a car and run it into something at top speed and tell me this game doesn't have awsome graphics lol. it looks like a real accident. even slows it down for you so you can savor every ripple of the impact.