Sony's PlayStation 3 Wins Market Share From Wii, Xbox in U.S.

Sony Corp.'s PlayStation 3 video- game console won market share from Nintendo Co.'s Wii player and Microsoft Corp.'s Xbox 360 in the U.S. in November as price cuts helped attract users.

The PlayStation 3 controlled 21 percent of the market for the latest generations of players in the U.S. last month, from 12 percent in October, according to calculations based on data from researcher NPD Group Inc. Wii's share fell to 44 percent from 52 percent. Sales of the PS3 almost quadrupled in November, compared with the Wii's 89 percent gain.

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INehalemEXI4740d ago

PS3 comes back like Jordan wearing the 45 ?

ktchong4740d ago (Edited 4740d ago )

In terms of market shares between October and November:

PS3 up 9%
Xbox down... 1%

However, Wii down a whopping 8%

Wii lost a lot of market shares because Nintendo couldn't make enough of them to keep up with consumer demands. Seriously, Nintendo is already selling as many Wii it can make. It simply cannot sell any more Wii - because it just can't make any more.

On the other hand, anyone who wants a PS3 can find a PS3.

shrimpboat4740d ago (Edited 4740d ago )

The PS3 is going to kick the 360's A$$ in 2008.

Killzone 2 - April
God of War 3 announced
Metal Gear Solid 4
GTA IV (multi-platform)
Final Fantasy XIII
Gran Turismo Prologue
Gran Turismo 5
Final Fantasy Versus XIII

lou4740d ago

No it's because of price drop and games. Most who want a Wii but can't get one is buying 360's so the people buying PS3's are the people who were waiting on a price drop, more games, and Christmas. The Wii shortage is helping the PS3 and the 360 so don't try that one but it is helping the 360 more than the PS3 due to price.

mrguru4740d ago

It ain't to play games witchu
It's to aim at you, probably maim you
If I owe you I'm blowin wii and 360 to smithereeens

lol can we get an encore?? in dec?

ravinash4740d ago

Firstly, the cost difference between a Wii and a PS3 is a lot.
I've never heard of anyone going to the shop, seeing what they want out of stock so they turn round and spend x3 - x4 as much money for something else.

actas1234740d ago

Maybe the shortage of the Wii helped the PS3 more than 360. The reason behind that is the fact that the PS3 is the only next gen console that has motion sensors (like Wii) but I am not sure people are fully aware of that.. the second reason, people who buy Wiis are casual gamers who owned PS2 platform before, so they look for wii, don't find them, they buy PS3s. Now, I am sure 360 benefited from the shortage but not by much. Its important to add that the Wii shortage is in fact over rated. I mean on a daily basis when I am browsing the internet I see deals on Wiis from different stores like, bestbuy, amazon buy...but they run out quickly (like in a day or so) so I mean, If someone wants a Wii, he/she could get it, its not like its impossible.

Feihc Retsam4740d ago

At a glance, the way the headline was worded, you wouldn't think that the PS3 still has less than 50% of the market share of the Xbox360, let alone the less than $25 of the Wii's market share...

Yes... the PS3 pulled a few percentage points last month, but it is not was winning anything here in the U.S. yet

PS3PCFTW4739d ago

anybody remember when i specifically told the bots that "they better get used to the xrod getting upstaged from now on" earlier this week?

remember my logic? "ps1 and ps2 killed the competition in its second year after a very slow launch year"

See what i did there?

of course ALL my bubbles were stolen by bots........but like i SAID: it doesnt stop the ps3 from beating the sh1t out of a much inferior system.


Daishi4739d ago

I'm sure "Sony owns next year" will be the word on the street after everything has come and gone in '08. Even a bot like you is programmed to tell people to wait...

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Rikitatsu4740d ago

PS3 will dominate 2008 If God Wills it !!!!!!!!

Mercutio4740d ago

yep, its coming man ( like we all predicted)

Didn't they all learn by now that PS ALWAYS WINS!

TANOD4740d ago

466k in November up 400% from October

I predict 1m in sales for PS3 in DECEMBER, 2007

PS3 now has 3 AAA titles in a row

Uncharted, Ratchet and Unreat Tournament 3

can u even imagine what happens in 2008 when KZ2, MGS4, FF13 and WKS are launched?

Nagthragarthoth4739d ago

PS3 is the enlightenment of man.

TwissT4739d ago

2008 will definitly be a very strong year for the ps3 with its awesome lineup.

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krackchap4740d ago

not good enough sony, they need to start selling more PS3 in NA period.
EU and jap sales are fine so far, but NA is the biggest market and 360 is still winning there by a good no(not counting the wii) of units every week/month.
if they dont turn things around by next year then i am sorry to say that sony might end up in the last place this gen, hopefully it wont happen and sony will pick up its pace.

TANOD4740d ago

count the WW sales

PS3 easily murders x360


in 2008 ps3 would beat x360 by atleast 1m per month in worldwide sales

XboxOZ3604740d ago (Edited 4740d ago )

@TANDO . .

Just exactly where does it say PS3 outsold the 360 by 100k units in the US (topic of thread)? World Wide perhaps . . . show link, but in the MOST major region, they are still well behind the eight-ball, and not increasing all that much.

See other NPD article in

Video games sales for November exceeded the market's expectations. Total hardware units came in at 4.32 million units, 6.41% ahead of the market's expected 4.06 million units. Sales of all consoles, except for the Nintendo Wii, beat market expectations.

Many industry observers were concerned that the slowing US economy and slower Holiday shopping this year would dampen game sales, which explains conservative forecasts across the board. Data released by the NPD Group indicate that the pessimism was unwarranted.

As expected by the market, the Nintendo Wii lead home hardware sales with 981,000 units, just below the expected 1,085,500 units. The miss in Wii sales is likely due to a shortage of supply as the console is sold out across America. Xbox 360 came in second for home consoles with 770,000 units sold, 2.23% ahead of market expectations of 753,200 units. Once again, the PS3 came in third with 466,000 units sold, which breaks months of disappointing market expecations. The market had only expected 424,400 PS3 units to be sold.

Nintendo DS sales smashed market expectations with at 1,535,000 units sold, compared to 1,297,700 expected unit sales. The PSP sold 567,000 units, also beating expectations of 497,900 units.

Growth in video game sales was also beyond market expectations. Total video game software sales grew 61.7% from $804 million in November 2006 to $1.3 billion, ahead of the market's expected $1.16 billion.

The month's big winner, Activision's Call of Duty 4 crushed market expectations. The Xbox 360 SKU sold 1,565,404 units compared to an expectation of 840,000 units.

Electronic Arts' Rock Band also smashed expectations, selling 311,900 units on the Xbox 360, more than doubling the market's expectation of 147,900 units.

The following tables compare market expectations on the simExchange and actual results as reported by the NPD Group.

Nintendo Wii Sold= 981,000 Expected sales = 1,085,500 Rise/Fall = -9.63%
Nintendo DS Sold= 1,535,000 Expected sales = 1,297,700 Rise/Fall +18.29%
Xbox 360 Sold= 770,000 Expected sales =753,200 Rise/Fall +2.23%
PlayStation Portable Sold= 567,000 Expected sales = 497,900 Rise/Fall +13.88%
PLAYSTATION 3 Sold= 466,000 Expected sales = 424,400 Rise/Fall +9.80%
PlayStation 2 Sold= 496,000 Expected sales = -- Expected sales = --

Total Tracked Hardware Units
Sold = 4,319,000 Expected sales = 4,058,700 Rise/fall = +6.41%


Milkman5414740d ago

Well I mean if anyone has looked at VG Charts lately, PS3 was around 14 to 15 percent world wide for market share and within the last month and a 1/2 and pulled it up to 19% and should rise even more with it selling the same every week as the 360 World Wide...

Zhuk4740d ago

this is the most pathetic attempt I have seen at spinning abysmal sales figures in my life

nix4740d ago

denial is my middle name.

hate is the first.

shrimpboat4740d ago

The numbers don't Lie. I have been watching this very thing for two months.

littletad4740d ago

Believe me I can agree with your recent post. But why on earth do you constantly smack down each article even if it is Sony fueled fabrication? It's a complete time waster in my opinion. Getting anyone to "admit" 360 is the "best" console is pointless, and you only end up being just as fanboyish. Hope you don't take this is as a hit, but your one of the fewest xbot's I've seen in here amongst the plethora of Sony followers. Anyhow my point being it's practically useless.

eagle214740d ago (Edited 4740d ago )

This is not a comeback, heck they had the number 1 selling home console in 2006 with 15 million sold: ps2. This transition is getting easier everyday. In Europe PS3 and ps2 now outpaces 360 hardware and software (yes, SOFTWARE) weekly. Check my post below dude. Wake up. No, this is not domination, but it is a warning sign.

KidMakeshift4740d ago

I just realized your gamer pic is the guy from Snatcher. I haven't played that game since I was 10. I just bought a Sega CDX so I can play Heart of The Alien. I would get Snatcher too, but everyone wants at least a $100 for it.

lou4740d ago (Edited 4740d ago )

Boo HOO HOO. Go back to your hole and Cry Xbot.

The PS3 is going to woop the Xbox 360 just like the PS2 wooped the Dreamcast.

solidt124740d ago

Yeah dude this isn't spinning anything. The numbers don't lie. VG Charts and NPD has shown that around 8% of the 360's market has been lost to the Sony PS3 and thats just in November.

TwissT4739d ago

Fanboys like you can never accept good news for other consoles other than your favoured one, its sad really.

Lord_Mike4739d ago

Get over it and go cry in your closet.

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