Eye of Judgment Demonstration

IGN have a look at the upcoming PS3 title Eye of Judgement.

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DJ5853d ago

I definitely want to test this game out. I wonder what the next version of eye-toy is going to be capable of.

Sevir045853d ago

using the cards as an interface to control the game itself, omG!!! this is like really a real virsion of yu-gi-oh!!! and i'm a fan o fthat or at least the old ones with yu-gi, besideds that i'm really intriuged by this, i can just imagine getting so good, and then dueling it out of a network with people all over the world... man torneys world wide, thats awesome as heck this is really going to be a must have game for the ps3, and if it works out well then i hope it makes it state side if not then i could just order the game from Japan since the ps3 is region free, sweetness!!! i look forward to seeing and hearing more about this from TGS later this week. Sony has some great things in stored. cant wait

5853d ago
Sevir045853d ago

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beans5853d ago

This reminds me of that old Sega Hologram game! It looks like a really cool idea and hopefully it works out! I think this would be a cool idea also for an old school d&d game!

THE TRUTH5853d ago

these are the kind of developer comments that just get me fired up as a gamer!!!

"Asked about the PlayStation 3 in general, Watanabe has this to say. "The PlayStation 3 can be a new segment of digital entertainment that goes beyond the framework of previous consoles. We're at the point where designers, myself included, can realize ideas that we joked about before."

Finally, Watanabe is asked to respond to the statement that closes up all the PlayBeyond interviews, "The PlayStation 3 according to you." Noting that developers will have to work to keep up with the new technology presented by the PlayStation 3, Watanabe says, "Game creators evolve along with the hardware."

TGS only 3 days away ^-^

Sevir045853d ago

it's a great thing when games like this comes into a reality, this i why i believe both Nintendo and Sony are going to be pushing the pbars far beyond our imagination, both Consoles will offer something thats just superb, greatly taking you into the game and fully immersing you into every aspect, the wii withs it's Wii mot and the PS3 with they eye toy and and Six degree tilt controller, my word some great things to expect from the the upcoming Generations from both Consoles, it's sucks to be a fankid this time around, true ganmers will be the winners here.

Liverpool4ever5852d ago

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