RPG’s: Living The Game

It’s not difficult to get lost in the altiverse of gaming. Almost all games have some form of role-play in them. Whether it’s a war game (First- or Third-Person shooter), a platformer, a strategy game or even a puzzle game, we are always playing some kind of role, pretending to be something or some one else in another world.

Critical Distance, a pristine website about video game blogging, has re-launched The Blogs of the Round Table (BoRT) and posed a subject very close to my heart this month.

The subject is the following:

“Games, like most media, have the ability to let us explore what it’s like to be someone other than ourselves. While this experience may only encompass a character’s external circumstances–exploring alien worlds, serving with a military elite, casting spells and swinging broadswords–it’s most powerful when it allow us to identify with a character who is fundamentally different than ourselves–a different gender, sexuality, race, class, or religion. This official re-launch of the Blogs of the Round Table asks you to talk about a game experience that allowed you to experience being other than you are and how that impacted you–for better or for worse. Conversely, discuss why games haven’t provided this experience for you and why.”

Role-Playing-Games (RPG’s) are my favourite genre and I've been playing them for quite some time. I find myself both agreeing and disagreeing with the statement above. Here's why.

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