NFS: Carbon Boxart, New Info. and new Screenies

The marketing band wagon has been out in full force today for EA's upcoming title - Need for Speed: Carbon. Today we've had the announcements of the cover art, screenshots an also today we can bring you some factoids on the title, so here are some words straight from the EA camp.

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JIN KAZAMA 1875851d ago

Is a DONE Franchise. They screwed it up after Hot Pursuit 2. That was the best one, all the rest after that, SUCKED!!!

clayton5851d ago

Was actually my favorite, going to get this one too!

Gamer135851d ago

i want to see some reviews of this game before i buy it.

T-Rac5851d ago

NFS: MW at first i thought was shockingly bad... then I played it for an hour or two and must admit was atticted to the campaign and ended up completing the whole game

I thought it was very good in fact

and Hot Pursuit 3 was awesome to :p

Asylumchild5851d ago

for the Wii this will be sweet if you can use the controler to steer like in Excite Truck!

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