PS3 one ups Xbox 360 with its DivX support

Tech.Blorge reports:

"...Gizmodo met with the company, which shared some interesting details on the big move.

First of all, unlike the Xbox 360, the PS3 is DivX certified. While the Microsoft's console can only playback some DivX files, the PS3 will get full DivX functionality. This includes the ability for game developers to use the very efficient compression format for in-game cut-scenes.

This means DivX video cut scenes will reduce stress on the machine, theoretically allowing for better load times, less power consumption, and less heat output."

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sonarus4738d ago (Edited 4738d ago )

i dnt knw how developers will use it but i remember seeing a home screen shot with a divx logo on it. Which leads me to believe they have been working on this for quite sometimes so it could possible see release soon and also it will probably play a big part in home. Hopefully div x is supported by the web browser as well so i can stream stage 6 stuff. I doubt the update is "coming soon" cus soon to sony can mean 4-5 months or till when home launches. Its not impossible but till i see official word i am not expecting it in any updates

Lord Anubis4738d ago

Since Ps3 is getting Full Support then I would expect divx web player to be included in the package which is heaven when you add stage6.

Adamalicious4737d ago

I would guess they might use it in Home for the movie/game trailers etc.

fusionboxer4737d ago

Yea i would love to start streaming stage6 stuff on my ps3. That's how i watch most of my boxing matches and I'm hoping that stage6 becomes more popular because of this.

TheSadTruth4737d ago

I don't think this is a big deal.

Are people going to use all these additional features? Most people don't use Stage6 or all the DivX stuff for the most part. People just rely on DivX to watch their pirated movies, porn and television. So I imagine that Sony dropped a hefty amount of money to get these rights but I don't see it being much of a deal.

But I can't even get the DivX movies I want to play on my 360 to work AT ALL so at least Sony is doing something right in that regard.

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ruibing4738d ago

The second source, tipped by The Round Peg, says the following about when we should be expecting it:

"Though no specific time frame was given for this upgrade, their particular emphasis on saying it was coming soon leads us to believe it's "coming in a week or two" soon, as opposed to "4 months down the road" soon."

Let's just go play our games and maybe we'll find this feature added in a week or so.

HarryEtTubMan4737d ago

The truth: 360 realize that the 360 isn't increasing its lead over the PS3 any longer. The consoles Literally almost TIED this month..... and we all know the PS3 is ONE HUNDER AND FIFTY F#CKING DOLLARS more expensive with not even half the amount of AA games until 2008(and O BOY 2008 IS GONNA BE PURE PWNAGE) AND THEY ARE ALREADY KEEPING UP AND winning by a few thousand hahahaha. O I guess common sense says that in 2008 when the PS3 is dropped to 350$ and possibly 300$ with the release of Killzone 2, Gran Turimso 5, God of War 3, Little Big Planet, Whit kNIGHT cHRONMICLES, Socom: Confrontation, Metal Gear Solid 4, Final Fantasy 13, UT3, Resistance 2,Tekken 6,5 NCSoft MMO's, 2 Rockstar Exclusives(hahahahahahahahahah ah keep your measley extra GTA4 content douche bags hahahahaha) and soo many more the PS3 will no longer TIE but suddenly LOSE... because, ummmm, well lets pretend the 1 million people in the world that just a purchased a PS3 in November just really didnt want one and make the XBOTS feel happy(PS3 OWNAGE IN 2008. MARK MY WORDS.... ITS ALREADY FREAKING TIEING ).hahahahaa They also realize the 360 will NEVER EVER have a game that looks and runs like Gran Turismo 5 and Killzone 2 on their system... and its only the end of PS3's first year. They also realize it has only been out one little year. It's a baby. They also HATE AND ARE JEALOUS THAT IT WILL BE OUT 9 OR MORE YEARS(SONY ISN'T LIEING ITS THEIR MONEY), bLU Ray is gonna win the Format almost for certain or wither way always exist... They get crappy DVD9 WHILE PS3 OWNERS GET BLU RAY... THE NICEST FORMAT ON THE MARKET THAT SONT HAS BEEN GENEROUNS ENOUGH TO GIVE TO US FOR 399$. 3-4 GAMES just IN THAT list are as big or even bigger franchises than Halo. THATS HILARIOUS. They also believe in their minds that in 2008 and beyond the 360 will always beat the PS3 in the U.S. IT WON'T! YOU WILLING TO BET? I AM. PS3 IS THE CONSOLE EVERYONE EVERYWHERE IS BETTING ON. IT IS TOO POWERFUL. If the situations were reversed and a Xbox came out a year later... was trying something newwith Blu ray and a year of harder Development.... with far less games(even thogh now there are alot of good games...wait until 2008) and at a 150$ higer Price Range... IT WOULD BE DESTROYING THE XBOX. LITTLERALY CRUSHING IT BY THE THOUSANDS.... GUESS WHAT L I A R S. IT CAN ONLY TIE AND IT EVEN LOST BY A FEW THOUSAND THIS MONTH. THE GAP IS NO LONGER GROWING. THE GAP IS NO LONGER GROWING. THE GAP IS NO LONGER GROWING. DON'T U RETARDS UNDERSTAND SONY'S PLAN WORKED????? MICROSFT RELEASED HALO, MASSEFFECT, AND BIOCHOCK IN THE LAST 3-4 MONTHS AND SONY STILL TIED THEIR FREAKING SALES MAN. PS3 IS BRING OWNAGE IN A DIFFERENT WAY. THEY ARE SCREWING UP MICROSFTS TIME TO SHINE... AND TRUST IF U HAVE NEVER TRUSTED BEFORE... MICROSOT IS NOT AT ALLLLL FEELING THE WAY U DISTORTING FANBOYS ARE... THEY JUST TIED A BRAND SPANKIN NEW, 150$ MORE EXPENSIVE, FAR LESS GAMES (SO FAR) HAVING PS3. THIS IS THE ULLLLTTIMMATE PWNAGE BY SONY AND U RETARDS THINK YOU HAVE WON SOMETHING AND MICROSFT KNOWS OTHERWISE. PSN in 2008 is gonna have EVERYTHING XBL does including in game XMB, PS HOME(SUCK IT XBOTS), A HUGE ONLINE MOVIE ON DEMAND ANS *MUSIC* ON DEMAND THEY SAID THAT WILL EVEN RIVAL iTUNES... AND THERE ARE ALREADY OVER 5.5 MILLION ON THE PLAYSTAOIN NETWORK EVEN BEFORE NOVEMBER HAHAHAHAHA. THERE IS SOOO MUCH MORE.... YOU GUYS MIGHT NOT UNDERSTAND BUT I GUARANTEE YOU FANBOTS....SONY IS LAUGHING THEIR HEADS OFF.... HALO/BIOSHOCK/MASSEFFECT/GEARS OF WAR/DEAD RISING/ EVERYTHING AND A 249$ XBOX 360(WITH WHAT U GUYS THINK IS THIS SUPERIOR ONLINE SERVICE LMAO)
COULDNT BEAT A 400$ Playstation 3 without Killzone 2, Metal Gear SOLID 4, Gran Turismo 5, Final Fantasy 13(and Versus), 2 Rockstar Exclusives, UT3, Haze, Socom, WKS, Resistance 2, Motorstrom 2, Jak and Daxter, Infamous, Little Big Planet, Metal GEAR Online, Syphon Filter, God of War 3, Getaway, Heavy Rain, Redwood Falls, Eight Days, Afrika.

The PS3 will sale over 8 million by December 31, 2007.
The PS3 will see further Pricecuts next year.

The Playstation 3 is going to CRUSH your dreams. Because you fanboys DEFIANTELY are dreaming. Microsoft can't beat Sony and if these Worldwide sales don't tell YOU something.... you have A SERIOUS PROBLEM. Sony is laughing all the way to the bank. I GUARANTEE YOU.

Polluted4737d ago

Jesus God Harry! Rant much?

The interview was with a DivX rep, not a Sony rep, so there's a good chance that "soon" actually means "soon". Like real soon. I hate when Sony says soon because it usually boils down to 6-9 months down the road...if not more.

360Jamaican40GigFL4737d ago

lol after all that ranting like the dumb fvck u are, u got attention from only about 5 ppl

nanometric4737d ago

As much as I like sony and my ps, ps2 and soon ps3, but I don't give a damn what you have to say, I didn't even bother to read that whole crap, stop with fanboy nonsense. Besides it's not like it can go through thick 360 fanboy skulls

davez824737d ago

i gotta give harry props, it takes a lot to think of all what he wrote hahaha.

jonnyboy4737d ago

got it off your chest did you? While its good to see the PS3 really competing with ... well the competition, don't go bashing on every 360 owner just because they don't own a PS3. Because while they're in denial now, late next year they won't be able to hold off on buying a PS3.

TheSadTruth4737d ago

Harry doesn't get out much.

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jiggyjay4738d ago (Edited 4738d ago )

We all know that the PS3 is more a video machine than a gaming machine! while the 360 is more of a gaming machine! Sony really put it up their fanboys butt by telling them the PS3 is a gaming machine! LOL stupid fanboys!

[email protected] did you read my post? I said the PS3 is a better video machine because that's what Sony instended to do.. the 360 isn't as good as a video player because its a gaming machine first! Sony put the PS3 out to win the HD format war! We all know that!

ruibing4738d ago (Edited 4737d ago )

Please read the first sentence from the article:

"We all know the Xbox 360 supports DivX nowadays."

Now, you were saying?

Update: That is like arguing which came first: the chicken or the egg. You say 360 was designed for gaming in mind while I see DLC being in there too. You say the PS3 was designed for video while I see it having pretty damn good first year library of games and quite a number of PS3 owners not even knowing about Blu Ray.

toughNAME4738d ago (Edited 4737d ago )

The PS3 destroys the 360 in features.

EDIT - you idiot sony fanboys...PS3 has features

but these are gaming consoles

who buys a system for features?

PS3 is way behind when it comes to games

Thats the point of this u all got fooooooled

Cusco4738d ago (Edited 4738d ago )

What use is there stating the obvious?
FULL DivX compatibility is certainly a nice addition.

Douchebaggery4738d ago

No Microsoft paid ______ joke?

bootsielon4737d ago

Judging by all your past comments, I never thought you'd say this.

cmrbe4737d ago

and since you have one then perhaps you are correct. However i do concede that the x360 has more games.

Xemnas4737d ago

Nothing more need to be sed after this comment.

Lord_Mike4737d ago (Edited 4737d ago )

Now I cannot wait till this is released. Oh, I can finally watch my movies, anime and music videos. Once this update is implemented, the PS3 will finally be a true home media center. No more running it off my PC =)

shrimpboat4737d ago

I have a 360 and a PS3 and I am more happy with my PS3 purchase than my 360. Like Sony said its a Marathon not a race and they have surpassed the 360 in this marathon with Great games, Firmware updates, and great services like Downloadable movies right around the corner and HOME. I use the web browser alot to watch free movies online when Im not gaming

drewdrakes4737d ago

Why would the PS3 need DivX? Ive been told that its powerful enough that it doesnt need cut scenes to be more efficient/reduce heat (wouldnt be substantial). I was also told that blu-ray meant it didnt need much compression, I guess what these people told me was wrong?

TheGamer4737d ago (Edited 4737d ago )

Reported as SPAM!!! Changing your post after you get some agrees is just gay!! Be a man and do not edit your posts after someone gives u bubbles or agrees. How low can you get??

toughNAME4737d ago

did anyone notice my clear emphasis on features? on a GAMING console?

you should report youselves as spam...stupid easyily influenced sony fanboys

dantesparda4737d ago (Edited 4737d ago )

Please stop listening to the fanboy infested bullsh1t that toughname spews out. He's just a fanboy who is obviously jealous. If this news had been for the 360 he would be rubbing it your PS3 fanboy faces and would not be running some bullsh!t about these systems being game systems and not movie players. He is full of sh!t and so is his opnions.

Peace out!

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Fighter4738d ago

It should come with the profile 1.1 update for blu-ray. I heard it's coming before the end of this year.